9 August 2009



I recently returned from a trip interstate! I had 2 weeks of holidays, and it was amazing. I loved it!!!

On Sunday the 19th of July, I flew to Sydney. I'd never flown by myself before, so it was kinda exciting :P I stayed with my friend Annelise there. Annelise and I have been friends since we were 7 years old. We started writing through ACE (school), from the pen pal section in the newsletter, and have become better friends over the years (yes, that makes me sound old :S).

I spent a week with Annelise and her family, and we went shopping at the DFO's, went to the beach (cos the weather was SO nice the whole time--about 20 degrees for the whole week!), shopping in Wollongong, played cards with her lovely older brothers, had a photoshoot, and learned ballroom dancing from her Mum. Which, by the way, I absolutely love!

I just loved the time with Annelise and her family; just getting to know them, learn more about their family and having fun!

On Saturday the 25th of July I took the bus down to Canberra. The rest of my family had spend the week with my Uncle and 2 cousins, and they picked me up. The following day (Sunday), we drove to the snow!! We stopped at Adaminaby to pick up our skis and ski boots (we'd borrowed all of the other clothes from friends).

After that, we went straight to the snow slopes. It is so beautiful!!!!!!! I just love snow. I miss it so much :( We headed out to start skiing, and my Uncle taught us the basics (how to stop and how to turn). It took me forEVER to get going on my skis. And taht wasn't even going down the slope. It took me 5 minutes to move 7 metres across the snow. Seriously. I just kept sliding back, inching forward, sliding back, inching forward...

Anyway, by the end of the first day I was getting a bit better, and then the rest of the time I had an absolute ball!!!!! I definitely recommend skiing for if you want an active holiday!!!!!!!!

We got back home to Gawler on July 31--just in time for Craigmore Christian School's Prefect's Dinner! Julia, Elyse and I had been invited by Rosie (Head Prefect) to attend the dinner, so we all got dressed up and went down together. It was a good time to take photos and catch up with people :)

Since we returned from our holiday interstate, I've been back at work and TAFE. My traineeship finishes in 2 months' time, so I don't have too much longer left! Today I finished Complex Spreadsheets, here at TAFE, so now I've completed 2 units from Certificate 4 in Business Admin, so that's pretty exciting!! I now have to work out what subject/s I will do next.

It's lunch time now... Byeeee!!

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