10 February 2018

Camping: Toowoomba


At the beginning of January we took a trip two hours from home to the lovely town of Toowoomba.  We have been wanting to visit Toowoomba ever since we moved to Queensland (two years ago!), and we are so glad we finally made it - it was such a lovely weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed exploring a little of the town and surrounding areas.

Our first stop in Toowoomba was Picnic Point Lookout.
 View from Picnic Point Lookout of Tabletop Mountain (which we unfortunately didn't get time to visit)

We stayed in a Big4 for the first time and loved it!  The gardens were beautiful, the upkeep was faultless, and our tent site was perfect - on a lovely grassy spot with multiple garden beds of veggies and herbs that we could eat (!!!), 5 metres from the BBQ, 10 metres from the pool, 20 metres from the kitchen, and 20 metres from the bathroom... score!

On our full day, we began with a leisurely breakfast and then headed off to Crows Nest National Park for a hike with sunscreen, hats, water, snacks, and baby carrier in tow.

We had a late lunch at Nest Cafe in Cabarlah.  The food was amazing, and they have a sweet little corner for kids to play!

Our next stop was Black Forest Hill - apparently the "largest display of German grandfather and cuckoo clocks"... and it was beautiful!  No pictures of the magnificent grandfather clocks though, thanks to wrangling a toddler in this very expensive shop.

We did the tourist drive around Toowoomba and stopped at the Japanese Gardens.  WOW!!  I am so glad we took the extra 20 minutes to wander around the gardens - it was so peaceful and beautiful!  Perfect way to end our active day.

Our final day was spent packing up our campsite, visiting the Toowoomba Church of the Nazarene, and having lunch with some friends at Kingfishers Cafe & Restaurant (where the food and beverages were divine!).

Overall, a lovely couple of days away from the normal routine of life!  We would love to return to the area to explore more of Toowoomba and surrounds.

Our biggest love and thanks to Nana and Grampy - your Christmas gift became this holiday!  Thank you!


3 January 2018

Are you Convinced?

One month ago I started listening to an audio Bible, attempting to get more of God's Word into my heart and mind, and so far I've listened to a few small New Testament books and I'm really happy about that!  This week I started listening to Romans, and I was enjoying it so much that I decided to read it as well, so today I read chapter 4.  Verses 20 and 21 really struck a chord with me:

20 He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God, 
21 and being fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to perform.

These verses are talking about Abraham (the previous verses give a little background) and I love this picture of Abraham's faith.  It seems that his faith didn't waver, but rather grew stronger; he was "fully convinced" that God was capable of doing anything that He had planned to do.  Wow!!  Everything Abraham believed (as written in these verses) is truth; but how often does that truth get watered down with the lies of the world and all of the voices and demands around me?  How often do I get distracted by other things and God's promises to me get forgotten?  How often does my faith slide and my conviction waver in my daily life?

I'm really challenged to live as if I am fully convinced that God is able to do everything that He has promised me, including...

He is able to provide for me...
He is able to love me completely...
He is able to speak to me...
He is able to guide my life...
He is able to give my soul peace...

...what would you add to this list?  What are you convinced that God has promised you?


26 December 2017

Family Portraits 2017

We are currently living on the opposite side of the world to Andre's family, and in a different state than my family, so the times that we get to spend with our families is very precious.  We love our parents and siblings so much!!

We've been very diligent about getting photos while we're with family, and this year we've had some lovely photos taken, so I want to share them.

Three generations! Pai, Zoe and Andre

Paulo, Wagner, Juninho and Zoe 

Me, Juninho, Zoe, Andre, Paulo and Wagner

Zoe, Marcoaurelio and Suelen

Paulo, Zoe, Wagner, Andre, Emerson (Zoe's cousin), and Marcos and his wife

Igor and Zoe... cousins!

Matheus, Zoe and Aline

Jarryd, Ryan, Zoe and Amy

The original 4! 

Mum, Dad, me, Jarryd, Zoe, Amy and Ryan

Me, Andre, Nataly and Zoe

Four generations! Me, Zoe, Nana and Dad