14 September 2017

A Day Out: Daisy Hill Koala Centre

On Father's Day we took a picnic lunch to the Daisy Hill Koala Centre which is just 10 minutes from our place.  We saw a wallaby in the bushes and a few koalas in the centre, walked around the picnic ground, and did some slack lining.  It was such a fun, relaxing day!


3 September 2017

A Day Out: Gold Coast

Winter in Queensland looks like this!  Perfect days for weekend outings and beach trips.  I am so happy to share this place with my family! 

Miami Beach, Queensland, Australia, with a view of Gold Coast city


22 August 2017

Being Present

I wrote this little post just one week before Andre and I left our home in South Australia and began our road trip to Queensland... 1 and 1/2 years ago!   I'm glad I wrote these few sentences, because it is a great reminder to be present where I am, in this moment.  I hope this is an encouragement to you, too!


It is easy to love something more when it is gone.

We can begin to appreciate things more when we no longer have them.

Things that, before, seemed so insignificant suddenly have great meaning.

Moments we never noticed are now embedded into our memories forever.

In this season of transition, I am noticing tiny details of an average day; reveling in the presence of my family; appreciating the knowledge that I could visit a friend in 30 minutes if I wanted to... All because I know these exact circumstances will change very soon.

The daily grind is suddenly something joyful - because I know I only have 1 week left at work.

My walk to work is suddenly beautiful - I notice the birds singing; the flowers seem more colourful; the air smells sweeter.

Hour-long lunch breaks are suddenly an hour of opportunity - to catch up with a friend; to browse the shops; to go for a walk around Adelaide city; to read a book by the river or in one of the pretty parks.

Passing by a friend on the street or in the train is suddenly an occasion for which I'm so grateful - because I can only assume that once we move, I will have less acquaintances and therefore less chance of randomly meeting someone I know.


5 August 2017

Baby Blueberry: Trimester 3 Baby Bump Photos

Bonus Family Picture: 24 weeks, 05/09/16

Our little Blueberry grew so quickly in 2016, and I'm so glad that we documented the pregnancy - it's so amazing to look back at the photos!  

Fun fact: "Blueberry" was the name we used for our baby during the pregnancy because when we found out I was pregnant she would have been about the size of a blueberry!

Without any further ado, here are the pics from the 3rd trimester!

~ 28 weeks, 03/10/16 ~

~ 29 weeks, 10/10/16 ~

~ 30 weeks, 17/10/16 ~

~ 31 weeks, 24/10/16 ~

~ 32 weeks, 31/10/16 ~

~ 33 weeks, 07/11/16 ~

~ 34 weeks, 14/11/16 ~

~ 35 weeks, 21/11/16 ~

~ [almost] 36 weeks, 26/11/16 ~


1 August 2017

"I'll Take Care of It"

These 5 words are words that speak volumes as loud as the 3 that we all love to hear: "I love you".

For me, hearing the words "I'll take care of it" tells me that I am loved; someone is looking out for me; someone saw that I was in need and were willing to step up and relieve me of my burden.

This week, Andre said these words to me and the impact of the statement has not yet left me.  Maybe it's because one of my love languages is acts of service, or maybe it's because I have been very overwhelmed this week...  Yet no matter the reason, these 5 words are words that I will cherish because my husband spoke them into my life, and he didn't let me down.


26 July 2017

Graduation ~ Diploma of Counselling

My graduation ceremony for my Diploma of Counselling on 12 May 2017 was a wonderful way to celebrate what I was able to accomplish 2016, and I would not change a thing.  God's calling upon my life to work with people has been confirmed in a very practical way, and my Diploma was just the beginning.

I am so grateful to every single one of my teachers - they each brought such amazing insight, knowledge and wisdom to the classroom.  I'm thankful to have had classmates who were as passionate about their studies as I was - they supported and encouraged me every single day.  My little family supported me every step of the way through my course right through to the practical aspects of getting to graduation day.

My graduation ceremony is a day I will never forget.


17 April 2017

Birthday No. 25

Last week marked the day that I turned a quarter of a century!!  Just a few years ago I'm sure I couldn't imagine being 25, but here I am already!

I had such a lovely day celebrating, and I'm so thankful for the family and friends who made the day a really special one.  I want to simply share my day in pictures here :)

My morning wake-up call... definitely the cutest birthay-wake-up call I've ever had! 

We woke up like this ;)

Birthday decor, a la Andre

My companion to Koorong bookstore

Birthday gifts courtesy of Koorong and Julia

Lunch with Janet :)

Yummy brisket pasta

Family hangs :P

Birthday gifts from Andre... PLUS tickets to see My Fair Lady!

Birthday cake at Food for Thought, a la Jacqui... SO GOOD