26 July 2017

Graduation ~ Diploma of Counselling

My graduation ceremony for my Diploma of Counselling on 12 May 2017 was a wonderful way to celebrate what I was able to accomplish 2016, and I would not change a thing.  God's calling upon my life to work with people has been confirmed in a very practical way, and my Diploma was just the beginning.

I am so grateful to every single one of my teachers - they each brought such amazing insight, knowledge and wisdom to the classroom.  I'm thankful to have had classmates who were as passionate about their studies as I was - they supported and encouraged me every single day.  My little family supported me every step of the way through my course right through to the practical aspects of getting to graduation day.

My graduation ceremony is a day I will never forget.


17 April 2017

Birthday No. 25

Last week marked the day that I turned a quarter of a century!!  Just a few years ago I'm sure I couldn't imagine being 25, but here I am already!

I had such a lovely day celebrating, and I'm so thankful for the family and friends who made the day a really special one.  I want to simply share my day in pictures here :)

My morning wake-up call... definitely the cutest birthay-wake-up call I've ever had! 

We woke up like this ;)

Birthday decor, a la Andre

My companion to Koorong bookstore

Birthday gifts courtesy of Koorong and Julia

Lunch with Janet :)

Yummy brisket pasta

Family hangs :P

Birthday gifts from Andre... PLUS tickets to see My Fair Lady!

Birthday cake at Food for Thought, a la Jacqui... SO GOOD


27 March 2017

Playing with Lego

Last month I visited my family in South Australia.  It was an amazing time!!

A highlight was building a perfectly symmetrical, colour-coordinated lego house with my youngest brother.  He is the BEST person to build lego with, because we both have a tendency to be rather particular about symmetry and colour-coordination ;)

The photos took after we completed our project are... well... you can insert the adjective here ;)

Disclaimer: if you are not willing to laugh at our silliness, please do not proceed to view the below photos.



Love you bro!!


28 October 2016

Painting a la Andre: Lounge Room

Last weekend I shared pictures of our new bedroom, and now I want to show you our lounge room!

Immediately after finishing setting up our bedroom (in fact, I was still doing all the little bits and pieces there) Andre went to the lounge room and started moving everything in to the spare room.  That night he began preparing the walls for painting!  The energy of that guy astounds me.  AND, I will note, he was sick that day as well.

Not even 48 hours later, the lounge room was complete!  Again, we are so happy with it :)


25 October 2016

Visit to Sydney + Camila's Baby Shower

Recently I took a weekend trip to Sydney, to spend time with my friend Camila (who happens to be one of Andre's best friends from Brasil!) and to celebrate her baby shower with her!  It was a full, busy, wonderful weekend of catching up with friends and making memories.

Ready to fly! {Also, as a side note, in the last year I have noticed I have a squinty eye :O Help!}

Some kind of chicken pastry thing for dinner

Terrible descent-into-Sydney picture...

My brother got style

Making lunch at Ryan's place. With the mannequin.

Hanging out with these dudes :D (wow, I just realised our smiles really do look like this little emoticon :D ahaha)

Daniel took a few pictures of Ryan and I.  What a laugh!!

Okay, this one is actually kinda sweet. He was feeling baby move :)


Love my bro!


This was the first Max Brenner Chocolate Bar I ever went to - about 5 years ago, with Andre and Annelise

Thai for dinner. Don't ask what we are doing...

...we're pushing back our cuticles. Now, don't ask why. Please. 

Such a cute, fun outfit from Camila for our little girl, for when she is about 1 year old

The Main Event of the weekend was the baby shower for Thiago and Camila's little girl, Julia.  Everything worked out so beautifully!  The stunning cake in the centre was made single-handedly by the auntie-to-be, and all the other beautiful sweets are Brasilian, and SO delicious!  A friend brought pretty flowers to decorate with.  Finally, the company was lovely, too!  I got to catch up with friends I haven't seen in ages, which was awesome!

The baby shower guests + food :P

Celebrating baby Julia!

2 baby bumps, getting bigger every day!

A random car that Ryan and I saw

Sending pics to Andre of me drinking from an Avengers mug :P

Sunset, highlighting the huge moon, from Thiago and Camila's apartment (way better in real life!)

Sweets to take home to Andre :D

It was such a privilege to be able to share this time with Camila.  It's been such a blessing to me to have her friendship over the last few years.  I have often felt that I am missing out on some amazing friendships because most of Andre's childhood friends and best friends (not to mention his entire family) live on the other side of the world.  So, to be able to have a lovely friendship in Camila, and even journey through our pregnancies together, has been a true gift from God that I will always be grateful for.