22 October 2016

Painting a la Andre: Master Bedroom

Before we renewed the lease on our house (first time EVER renewing a lease, which was super-exciting!!) we asked our agents if they would provide supplies for us to paint the house, just to freshen it up.  They agreed, so Andre has been busy for over a month prepping walls/ceilings/skirting boards/window frames, moving furniture and painting.  He has worked SO hard, and he has barely let me lift a finger.

He has now finished both bedrooms, so we have finally set up our room, and I'm happy with how it turned out.  The blue wall is a lovely pop of colour, and the small details came together well, which was fun :)


12 October 2016

Sunday Afternoon Together

This Sunday Andre and I both had the day off, and we had nothing scheduled for the afternoon, so Andre suggested we go on a date :)

Since about June this year, between our casual jobs, my college and other commitments we have, it has become rare (at least, rarer than we are used to) for us to have a whole day off on the same day. It felt like a novelty to have the luxury of driving to the city, having lunch, walking around Southbank, and chatting with no agenda in mind.

I'm so grateful for days like this. They may not happen very often, but I love that we are still intentional about doing something with these days and spending quality time together.

Browsing Southbank markets

Looking over the river at Brisbane city

Korean Fried Chicken!!


8 October 2016

Microwaves {+ Giggles}


When Andre and I got married, we didn't get a microwave. At the beginning we figured it was an additional expense that wasn't really a priority at the time, and then I wanted to continue the challenge to see if it is actually possible to survive without a microwave... And we survived - for almost 3 years! We adjusted extremely quickly and got used to heating up coffee and leftovers on the stove, and defrosting meat in a bowl of hot water.

When we first moved to Brisbane, we {i.e. Andre} did some scavenging through the hard rubbish on the side of the street (thank goodness we don't know many people here) for things to repair/build/use for our home. One day Andre picked up a microwave "for parts", and then ended up testing it... And it worked perfectly!

In the early days of our microwave career, we had a few microwave moments which gave us some good laughs! Here's one example:

We're watching a movie together, and decide to make coffee. Then, of course, we feel like a treat to go along with the coffee, so Andre goes to IGA (small supermarket right next-door to our house). He gets back, picks up his coffee, and says, "Augh, it's cold - now I need to turn the stove on to warm... Wait! We have a microwave!!!" We burst into laughter at this seemingly insignificant thing, but it just shows how normal it became for us to use the stove instead of a microwave!

I'm so thankful for those years of being microwave-less. I really am more thankful for this appliance to this day!

Is there an appliance that most people think is essential, but that you have survived without?
What is an appliance you think you couldn't survive without?


6 October 2016

Our Weird Dog

This post is in honour of Oscar, aka Oscarino, aka Poochy.

He is SUCH a cute dog (in my totally unbiased opinion), but honestly one of the weirdest as well. The positions he lays in and the ways he looks at us is just... well, check out this sample (only from the last month!) and you will see what I mean.

I do like the way he lays close to me (but not TOO close, thankyouverymuch!) when I'm sitting at the table).

Walls must feel good. He lays like this a lot.

"Love me!!!!!!!"

He rolls in the grass and then just lays like this. Luxurious.

This was very creepy. He walked in the back door and literally stood like that for a good minute. Just staring at me.

This is favourite way to be patted. Forget ears and behind the neck! - think chest. All chest.

His love for Andre was personified in the way he tucked his little nose into Andre's armpit.

This is how he waits for Andre, heaving big sighs to boot...
..."I hear something! Is that him??"

I can't even..!


3 October 2016

"Baby Blueberry" Baby Shower in Adelaide

The minute I told my friend Brooke that I would be visiting Adelaide in September, she declared, "We HAVE to have a baby shower while you're here!!!"

I didn't object :D

We got Amy on board and began planning! Between emails, Facebook messages, more emails, and Google Drive folders, we managed to arrange it all between us - and I had such fun!

FUN FACT: This little doll is approximately the size of what my baby would have been at the time of the baby shower, at 25 weeks pregnant!

Brooke is truly amazing! She single-handedly took care of all of the decorations AND games AS WELL AS cooked food, prepared tea and coffee, cleaned her house; set up everything, got her husband to set up the outdoor area (thanks, Daniel!), all while doing her normal life stuff! Brookie, I can't express how special this baby shower was for me. I know it was done with so much love and I am so grateful.

We went with a little bit of a blueberry theme. This is because when Andre and I found out I was pregnant, apparently the baby was about the size of a blueberry - so we called our baby "Baby Blueberry" for the first half of her little life, until we found out we were having a girl.

Without further ado, here are pictures from the baby shower. I hope you appreciate the gorgeousness of them as I do!

Baby Shower Cake: blueberry cheesecake!
Coffee and chocolate for everyone to take home and enjoy... yum!

Manicure set prizes a la Brooke
Cookies-in-a-jar prizes a la Amy & Rachel

Blueberry meringues a la Brooke
Cutest little blueberry elephant EVER!!!
Rubber duckies!
We had to use the occasion to bring out the gorgeous old teacups!
Baby shower punch

Notice the garland behind the punch bowl? Isn't Brooke a genius?!
With my sis :)
Auntie-to-be, Mummy-to-be, and Grandma-to-be
Delicious food, prepared with love
We asked people to bring a baby book instead of a card. I love the collection already!
These two girls are two of the best friends I could ever wish for.

It was a beautiful time of catching up with friends and celebrating Andre and my little girl. Thank you to everyone who came for making it such a lovely afternoon!

And the hugest thanks to Brooke and Amy for this gift :)


30 September 2016

Visit to Adelaide

Recently I spent 5 days in my hometown of Adelaide to visit my Mum for her birthday and to catch up with family and friends. It was such a special time to be reconnected with my family and friends who I have known for so long. I have only been living in Brisbane for 8 months and I have some wonderful close friends here, but it was so good to spend time with some of the people who know me best!

While waiting for my flight...

On the Thursday I caught up with a friend and her cute two-year-old at a cafe. They were both unwell so they made a ginormous effort to get out of the house and come and see me!

Waiting for Lindy

Then, they dropped me at my Nana and Grampy's place where I had lunch and chatted with my grandparents.

Nana and Grampy gave us this CUTEST little suit for the baby! It's my new favourite!!

Lici then picked me up and we went out for coffee. It was so nice to chat with her in person - nothing beats it! While we were catching up Andre texted me photos of himself at the shops trying on sunnies - he wanted my opinion on which ones to buy - so we replied with these charming pictures:

Lici dropped me back at Nana and Grampy's and we drove to the local footy club to meet my family for a dinner to celebrate Mum and Nana's birthdays. The food was so good (vegetable / salad bars are the best!), the company was lovely, and the cake Dad chose was so decadent, I was only able to eat half.

They wanted to make sure they got to blow out 2 candles each :P
Me, Jarryd, Grampy, Amy, Nana and Mum. Photo credit: Dad (obviously)

On Friday I just hung around at Mum and Dad's place, distracting Amy and Jarryd from their studies and chatting with Mum. Granny and Grampa came over for lunch (and brought fish and chips, which was Dad's favourite part of their visit) and it was so lovely to catch up with them!

Grandpa made a very sentimental, observant, un-Grandpa-like comment about my baby bump: "That looks good on you. I like it." - which I will remember forever! The other thing I will never forget? When they were about to leave, we were awkwardly saying goodbye so I decided to throw caution to the wind and held out my arms for a hug, expecting a light hug with a couple pats on the back. To my astonishment, he enveloped me in the biggest bear hug EVER! As they drove away, my family and I all looked at each other, speechless - Grandpa is not a huggy person by any means, so this was so special!

On Saturday I went for a drive in the Barossa with Mum and Dad. It was great to be able to spend time with them! The Barossa is so beautiful at that time of year - gorgeous and green; water flowing in the creeks; baby lambs in the paddocks with their mummys.

The entrance to Tanunda never ceases to make me smile - so pretty!
The quaint boutique shops have so many beautiful, unique things!
I was 1,544km away from Brisbane

As soon as we got home, I got back in the car and drove to catch up with Brooke. We drank coffee, did some crafty stuff, and did not stop talking for 3 hours straight. Bliss!! The only photo I took while I was there was this one, which is very appropriate for our friendship:

Brooke's baby, Buddy :)

On Sunday I went to church with my family and caught up with some friends there, then Mum, Amy and I headed straight to Brooke's house for the baby shower that Brooke and Amy organised for me!! This event deserves its very own post which will come next - but for now, a teaser photo:

After the baby shower I went out to dinner with my Auntie Lorraine, and Amy and Jarryd. We had such fun!!

There was a pretty sunset on the way to dinner

Monday morning Jarryd and I went out for coffee. So happy to be able to catch up with him :)

After dropping in to see Gav for half an hour, for the rest of the day I hung around Mum and Dad's and, again, distracted Amy and Jarryd from their studies. Homeschooling and studying online is so awesome!
Homeschool life...
...which is even better when Dad is on holidays. Jarryd and Dad fight very frequently, and Jarryd proudly bore the scars. Mum wasn't happy.

Dad injured his hand while working on the carport gutter. Work is definitely a safer place to be.
Nurse Amy to the rescue! 
Childhood flashback!!! Jarryd didn't know how to make dandelion chains (horror!) so I gladly taught him!
Final meal together before I flew home :)

A special thanks to Mum and Dad for having me stay, and for letting me use your car, and for driving me around! It was so great to see you both and Amy and Jarryd. See you next time in Brisbane!!