24 June 2009

Youth Group Camp 2009

Just over a week ago, my Youth Group went on a one-night camp to Waikerie.
Uncle Tedd, Christopher, Brenton, Daniel and Ryan all left at about 2.30pm with all of the camping gear (tables, tents, food, etc). They set up everything for us!
The rest of the gang left the church around 4pm, and when we arrived (it was dark by that time), the tents were all set up, the campfire was blazing and food was cooking. Mmm we had Uncle Tedd's delicious beef stew with huge pieces of oven-baked bread. Man, that bread was THE BEST!!! :P
After we'd eaten and sorted out who was sleeping in what tent, and which group would be sleeping next to which other group (in other words, it took a fair amount of time to sort that out!), I think we had a talk-time next. The group got given the opportunity to ask questions about the church, words they didn't understand, or any other questions they had. We also went around and each said something about ourselves, so as well as having a great discussion time, it was also a time of bonding for all of us--getting to know each other more and just spending that time together.
After that, we played games around the campfire, and that was great fun!
Then some of us played games like Red Rover in the open grassy spot on the bank of the river. Since it was dark when we got there, I didn't even know there was water right next to our campsite! And when I saw the water, I thought it was a small creek. Turns out we were camping next to the River Murray!!!!! lol
We didn't go to sleep until after midnight (probably more like after 1am)--but who sleeps on camp, anyway??!?!?! I had a really good talk with Kim in our tent.
That night, it rained. Not heaps, but it still rained! And at 5am a tent of 2 boys and our Pastor woke us up with all of their talking / whining / complaining / moving / unzipping and zipping the tent... The water had come up underneath their tent and completely soaked everything! Sleeping bags, pillows, clothes and bags! So we were up before 6am, around the campfire, when it was still dark. Even that was a great experience, though!
After drying off, warming up and eating eggs and bacon with more delicious bread, we went for a LONG walk up the road and visited a couple (whose grand-daughter was on the camp), and spent some time on their property. Their house is right at the top of the cliff, overlooking the River, and the views were amazing!! Just spoke to me again and again of how wonderful God is!
When we got back from our long hike, we ate food and then packed up the tents and the campsite.
I didn't get too tired from the lack of sleep (surprisingly!), which I was very glad of :)

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