28 May 2009

Finished Cert 3!!!!

Hi everyone,

Now that almost two weeks have passed since I posted about TAFE, this is another update... I have finished my Certificate 3 in Business Admin!!!!!! I'm SO excited and happy!!!!! I got everything signed off yesterday, and I also put in my Parchment Application, as well as a completed survey and a Virtual Enterprise Testimony.

I didn't expect to finish it quite this early, so I'm quite pleased with how it went :)

I'm going to continue studying for a bit longer. I'm enrolling in a few subjects from Certificate 4 in Business Admin. This won't be part of my traineeship at Flow FM--these are subjects that I want to do, and I will also be paying for them. They're subjects that I'm interested in, and that I think will (hopefully!) be useful for me in the future.

Aside from TAFE, a little bit of other news is that my piano is going fairly well. I'm doing Grade 6 this year. I HOPE to do the exam at the end of this year. Hope, hope, hope!!! I have to work really hard though. I also have to do a Grade 2 Theory Exam before then (probably in July), so I have to work on that as well. I'm enjoying it, and my last lesson went really, really well. My teacher made some encouraging comments (e.g. "This is much better than it was last week" and "If you can do all of your other scales as well as you did those, you'll be perfectly fine"), and that has made me lots more motivated.

Well, lunch break is finished... Catch ya next time :)

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