6 October 2016

Our Weird Dog

This post is in honour of Oscar, aka Oscarino, aka Poochy.

He is SUCH a cute dog (in my totally unbiased opinion), but honestly one of the weirdest as well. The positions he lays in and the ways he looks at us is just... well, check out this sample (only from the last month!) and you will see what I mean.

I do like the way he lays close to me (but not TOO close, thankyouverymuch!) when I'm sitting at the table).

Walls must feel good. He lays like this a lot.

"Love me!!!!!!!"

He rolls in the grass and then just lays like this. Luxurious.

This was very creepy. He walked in the back door and literally stood like that for a good minute. Just staring at me.

This is favourite way to be patted. Forget ears and behind the neck! - think chest. All chest.

His love for Andre was personified in the way he tucked his little nose into Andre's armpit.

This is how he waits for Andre, heaving big sighs to boot...
..."I hear something! Is that him??"

I can't even..!


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