8 October 2016

Microwaves {+ Giggles}


When Andre and I got married, we didn't get a microwave. At the beginning we figured it was an additional expense that wasn't really a priority at the time, and then I wanted to continue the challenge to see if it is actually possible to survive without a microwave... And we survived - for almost 3 years! We adjusted extremely quickly and got used to heating up coffee and leftovers on the stove, and defrosting meat in a bowl of hot water.

When we first moved to Brisbane, we {i.e. Andre} did some scavenging through the hard rubbish on the side of the street (thank goodness we don't know many people here) for things to repair/build/use for our home. One day Andre picked up a microwave "for parts", and then ended up testing it... And it worked perfectly!

In the early days of our microwave career, we had a few microwave moments which gave us some good laughs! Here's one example:

We're watching a movie together, and decide to make coffee. Then, of course, we feel like a treat to go along with the coffee, so Andre goes to IGA (small supermarket right next-door to our house). He gets back, picks up his coffee, and says, "Augh, it's cold - now I need to turn the stove on to warm... Wait! We have a microwave!!!" We burst into laughter at this seemingly insignificant thing, but it just shows how normal it became for us to use the stove instead of a microwave!

I'm so thankful for those years of being microwave-less. I really am more thankful for this appliance to this day!

Is there an appliance that most people think is essential, but that you have survived without?
What is an appliance you think you couldn't survive without?

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