6 December 2015

When Life Transitions

Sometimes life gets dreary, routines become mundane and we begin to wonder what our purpose is. Life's seasons can change dramatically in the blink of an eye, or merge so slowly that we don't even notice the change.

My husband and I are in the middle of a transition of a season in our lives - one that is exciting, daunting and sad all at the same time.

In just over 1 month's time, we will be moving from Adelaide, South Australia, to Brisbane, Queensland - from the south to the north of Australia! This is a big move for us, as it means leaving family, friends, work and church. We are travelling into many unknowns, with many questions yet to be answered - where will we live? where will we work? how much will it cost for us to move? will we be able to make new friends? when will we next see our family?... the list goes on.

[photo credit: Andre dos Santos]

Yet, it is within these unknowns that we are seeing God's presence daily. A message from a friend in Brisbane offering to attend house inspections for us prior to the move. A scripture from another friend in Brisbane, with encouragement that we really are doing the right thing. Valuable time spent with family, creating memories to treasure (one thing that moving away will do, is bring a whole new appreciation for family!). People coming to mind who have already left home to begin new adventures, and inspiration through those people that we can do this too. Again… the list goes on.

Today on my desk calendar at work, this verse spoke volumes to my heart:

"I will dwell among them and I will be their God, and they will be My people."
2 Corinthians 6:16

[photo credit: Andre dos Santos]

No matter where I am or who I am with or what I am doing or how lonely I feel or how unsure I am… God dwells within me! I am His treasured child, and He will never, ever leave me. His care for me has been so evident these past couple months especially, and this verse confirms to me that He journeys [dwells] with me through every transition and every season. After a time of reflection, I also see now that this time of transition is also a time of preparation. A time to seek Jesus, to learn to trust Him, and to transition into this new season well.

I am so grateful that I have found a Friend in Jesus - He is my one true, constant companion through all life's seasons, and I know I would not handle this particular transition very well if He wasn't with me. Praise Him!


[photos taken on our honeymoon in Cairns, Queensland, in July 2013]
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