10 December 2015

Thriving on Thankfulness

Some days I am filled with such gratefulness for my life and the precious moments in each day - moments that I so often take for granted.

Often on days like these, I realise just how long it has been since I have really, truly been thankful. I find that when I look for the good and focus on the positive, eventually joy and peace fills my very being. Life suddenly gets a little easier, and I enjoy each small moment more fully. I would go so far to say that my life thrives on being thankful! This end result is SO worth the time to find the good in my life!

Today, I continue counting my blessings. Will you join me?

345. Air-conditioning [it was 41.5 degrees Celsius this weekend!].

346. These two, because they brighten my days. Such adventurers!

347. That I have learned to enjoy black coffee, in my quest to avoid dairy.

348. Family photos like these!

349. Productive Saturdays.

350. Cheese bread - marrying someone from another country definitely has benefits!

351. Birthday parties.

352. Worship songs.

353. Funny YouTubers.

354. Scenery such as this - taken on holidays in June this year, in Victoria, Australia.

355. Family lunches filled with laughter, paying each other out, and my Grampy somehow getting us talking about politics.

356. New glasses! (and I will note here, that I am thankful not only for new glasses, but my old ones as well as my contact lenses... I am as blind as a bat without them!)

358. My photo wall at work - I get to glance at my family and closest friends throughout the day and pray for them.

359. Speaking of friends... This friend! Lici, you brighten up my life, and I am so thankful for your care, friendship and encouragement.

360. That my husband is a wonderful chef!

361. That I have had the ability, physical wellness and time this year to play netball.

362. My church family.

363. This crazy guy. Just relaxing on this particular day.

364. A good night's sleep.

365. Slacklining! So much fun!! And (366) Guilherme for introducing it to us :)

[photo credit: a member of the Santos family. I think.]
367. Summer fruits.

368. Clouds. They are something that I am always drawn to; something that I feel God has created not only to bring rain and shade, but simply for their beauty - whether fluffy or ominous or grey or wrapped within a sunset... I appreciate them!

[photo credit: Andre dos Santos]
369. My job - the friendships formed, the interesting work, and the way it provides for our life.

370. The small things (captured on a hiking trail in Victoria, Australia). These show me that God isn't just about the big and the glorious!!

Let's seek to be thankful for the small, big, insignificant and significant moments in our lives!


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