1 September 2015

Reminiscing a Summer Weekend

Today is the first day of spring - welcome, spring!

Very regularly over the last couple months of winter, I have been dreaming of summer. Only instead of dreaming ahead to this coming summer, I've been reminiscing on last summer - in particular, a special weekend I spent with my friend Annelise and her family, in their home near Sydney.

This was definitely one of my favourite weekends from summer 2014/2015. It was an absolute dream! It basically consisted of relaxing evenings, restful nights, lazy mornings, going for drives, browsing the shops, drinking coffee, walking along the beach, taking photos, soaking in the sunshine... It was bliss!

Thank you, Annelise, for blessing me with your friendship, and thank you to the whole family for such a wonderful weekend! I look forward to the next time I get to visit :)

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