25 March 2015

Goals - 365 Days of the Year

On January 1 every year, many of us feel like we have a fresh start. With a new calendar year in front of us, we feel energized, motivated and determined to make this year the best yet. We set goals, make resolutions, purchase new calendars and diaries, plan events, and allow old dreams to resurface. [or am I alone in this?!]

Enter, January 15. Or 31. Or February 19. Or 29. Today.

Suddenly those goals and resolutions and plans and dreams don’t seem quite as achievable anymore. We remember just how human and forgetful and tired we really are. We remember that bad / unexpected / annoying things happen… and suddenly the year doesn't look so bright and fresh.

Today, I remember that January 1 doesn't need to be the only day in the year for fresh starts. It doesn't have to be the only day where we make goals and dream big. January 1 is one day were we CAN determine to do better, plan ahead and kick old habits (and make new ones)… but every other 364 days of the year are opportunities, too!!

In the last few months I have been regularly stopping and thinking about how I want my life to look - activities I want to include, events I don't want to make a priority, friends I want to see more, how many hours of sleep I actually need, what food I am putting in my body, the relationships I am investing in… the list is endless, and will probably differ for you.

However, I am finding it so refreshing to quit thinking about what month of the year we are already currently in, and instead reflect on the here and now, and re-evaluate my personal choices (see above) and what applies today / this week / this month / long term.

I feel more productive and enjoy life more when I stop every so often and think about my choices, decisions and plans. It has been so helpful to me!

I am so grateful that we can set goals and dream dreams on any day of the year - not just January 1.

Do you have any goals for 2015?

Do you regularly re-evaluate your daily decisions and short-term goals?

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