22 May 2014

Thankfulness Improves my Mood

I have found that thankfulness truly lifts my soul. When I am stressed, sad, frustrated, or simply in a generally bad mood, if I turn my focus away from those issues and spend some time THANKING the Lord for everything He has given me, those issues somehow become smaller and much more bearable! And out of that, my mood usually improves by leaps and jumps ;)

So today, I continue to be thankful for...

326. New pictures on my wall at work.

327. Caramel latte – a treat around these parts.

328. Great work colleagues.

329. Amazing, God-ordained planning time for a ladies retreat later this year.

330. Tickets booked to visit Brazil in October this year!!

331. The 4 boxes we got packed last night…

332. …and for the new home we should be moving into in about 3 weeks time.

333. Sunshine.

334. Hangouts with my brother who is in another city.

335. Bloglovin’. ;)

336. Quiet evenings at home.

337. The food we can purchase each week – even though I am very un-inspired to cook anything amazing lately =/

338. Spontaneous catch-up emails with friends interstate.

339. Prayer times with my husband.

340. The opportunities I have for my future – being able to dream is something I don’t want to take for granted!

341. Taking photos.

342. Inspiring Godly people in my life.

343. My Mum and Dad, who are always so generous and helpful.

344. Special memories.
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