27 March 2015

What Would Impact You?

Do you work or study? Are you in a place where you wonder if you are impacting people around you for God's Kingdom?

I do.

I work full-time, and I can honestly say that I see my workplace as a mission field where God has placed me for this season of my life.


It is sometimes difficult to know how God can use me there, and to see any fruit from my "Christian presence" in my workplace. I look around me and see so many wonderful, caring, thoughtful people, and wonder how I look any different. How can my life show the love of Jesus to my colleagues? How can I show the hope that I have of eternal, abundant life with God?

This week the question came to me: What would impact me? When would I see that someone was different? What would that look like?

I am still exploring this... And I wonder if you would help me in this journey and comment below with your answer:

What would impact you?

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