26 November 2013

Full to Overflowing

My heart, which is so full to overflowing,
has often been solaced and refreshed
by music when sick and weary.
~Martin Luther
What a beautiful quote!
This quote has been displayed on my desk for the past few days. I haven't wanted to flip to the next quote because this one spoke to me so much!
When I read it, I realize just how full my heart is. I feel the Lord's presence with me daily, and He has given me so many amazing gifts that I don't deserve!
I continue to count my blessings - aiming to reach One Thousand Gifts sooner rather than later!
315. Being able to put a nice outfit together while still sleepy in the morning.
316. My Mum and Dad's marriage - 24 years yesterday!! So inspiring!
317. Having my brother and sister sleepover for two nights in a row.
318. Last night's dinner, made up of all the food we had left in the house.
319. Having my husband arrive back from 5 days in Melbourne.
320. Mid-morning coffee.
321. My job.
322. An easy house inspection.
323. The prospect of a fixed (or maybe even new??) phone.
324. Being given more responsibility at my work. Challenging? Yes - but rewarding at the same time.
325. The knowledge that I have just blogged for the first time in 8 and 1/2 months. Yay!
My heart... is so full to overflowing...
What are you thankful for today? I know you can find something!!
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