10 December 2012

Every Good Gift...

...and every perfect gift...

...is from above...

Therefore, I am here again today, being thankful...

[continuing my count up to One Thousand Gifts]

254. Late-night weekends, in the lounge by myself, losing myself in the world called Pinterest. And such other time-wasters ;-)

255. When my cat lets me pat her - and purrs.

256. Being asked, "Have you lost weight?" and truly not knowing if I have or not.

257. Digital cameras.

Photo courtesy of the man himself :D:P

258. My nephew Daniel  - a.dor.a.ble!!! (see top picture)

259. Spring flowers!!!! They make me SO happy! (see second top picture)

260. Lunch this past Sunday with my amazing, inspirational friend Shirley, and Andre.

261. Lunch / coffee dates at a new coffee shop with my bestie.

262. My pinboard at work :-)

263. Still thankful for the time on the train every day, reading, chilling, thinking, sleeping...

264. That I ran not once, but TWICE around the block tonight!! Woohoooo!!!

265. That hayfever is not as regular as it was last month... SO GLAD I'm no longer sneezing constantly, dabbing at my watery eyes, and trying to get rid of an itchy throat!

266. Visit from Dani and Yannis...

Photo courtesy of the beautiful lady on the right
276. ...cupcakes and hot chocolate...

277. ...D&Ms :-)

278. Sugar free chocolate.

279. Inspiration and joy from reading blogs such as Young Wife's Guide, Ministry So Fabulous, and The Random Writings of Rachel.

280. My workplace.

281. The awesomeness of sleeping in a double bed!!!! I can stretch out as much as I like! =D

282. Cheese. Mmmm. Cheese will always be my favourite!

283. A clean house.

284. Ladies morning tea on a special Saturday.

285. Straight hair.

286. Exciting news from a dear friend.

287. The opportunity that I have had to travel this year - Thailand, Canberra, Sydney, Darwin and Papua New Guinea!

288. Friendship. [Jewelz, that will be us one day ;-) ]

289. Hairdressers. Because I need to pay a visit to mine, soon.

290. A lazy Saturday morning that let me sleep in, read, bludge on my computer, and eat a random breakfast of cucumber and cheese on bread.

291. Getting a little tan line from my sandals.

292. These boys. Sitting in the front row at church. Singing. Playing drums on their knees. Reading the words of songs and Scripture. Do I worship as they do??

293. A peaceful house, late at night.

294. 3-hour long chats with my friend Brookie :-)

295. An awesomely successful surprise party for my man!

296. This post: my 100th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

297. One of the most special moments of my life >>>

[in case you're wondering...I said yes :-) ]

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father..." James 1:17

What are you thankful for today? Come on - you know there's something to be thankful for!! :-)

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