9 December 2012

An Evening in the City

On Thursday after work, Andre and I spent some time walking around the city. The weather was SO beautiful!! I felt so relaxed - having the opportunity to simply stay in the city (not rushing straight home after work), wander around, enjoy the sights (as opposed to walking past everything on the way to and from work), and appreciate the small things, was just wonderful!!

[most photos courtesy of Mr A. Lucas :) ]

In the Christmas spirit!

I bet you've never had a photo with a ten-pin!! =P 

We love photography :)

So rich, we walk on money...
[har, har]

The sunnies that I wear because he likes them

A secret, magical door!!! I just wanted to go inside!

Beautiful buildings...

...on North Terrace...

...just for our enjoyment :)

What makes you relaxed? Perhaps reading a book, watching a sunset, going bike-riding, listening to music..?

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