25 October 2012

Still Counting...up to One Thousand Gifts

Hello, everyone!

I've been busy reading a few blogs - some familiar ones, and some new ones to me - this week, and I have been inspired to open my own Blogger, and start writing again!

In my phone's memos, I have a "To-Do" list, #1 of which (for the last 2 months) has been "Blog". I've wanted to blog, but I haven't felt like it.

I've realized that, over the 6 months away from home, I was writing a lot of emails, blogging semi-regularly (how's 34 posts in 6 months?), and keeping up with things on Facebook as much as I could. Then, when I arrived back in Adelaide, I just lost all desire for anything Gmail, Blogger or Facebook [yes, I checked my emails and looked at Facebook...but the thought of emailing or posting or commenting had no appeal whatsoever].


Now that inspiration's hit, I'm not sure exactly where to start!!

I still want to post about my time on outreach in PNG, with the YWAM ship and in Tauruba village. I want to share about the new season of life I'm in. I want to post a few photos of a few happenings around here...

But I feel like a good place to start is to share the things that I am thankful for, right now. I feel so blessed! Even though life gets on top of me, things frustrate me, and I'm not sure how to handle some things - I am learning that if I just stop and thank God for all the gifts He's given me, my outlook suddenly becomes a lot more sunshine-y!


214. My parents. They support everything I do; they're so proud of my accomplishments; they haven't mentioned board payments for the entire time I've been at home [with no job]... So many more I could list... But I just love them!!

215. Tax that has been completed and sent in! A full 7 days before it's due! Boo-yeah! =P

216. My adorable nephew, Daniel!! [for those who don't know, this is my bestie's first baby =D ]

217. Glasses. I'm pretty sure I've been thankful (here in One Thousand Gifts) for these before, but really... Suffering hayfever, working in an air-conditioned office, and wearing contact lenses really do NOT combine well. Seriously. If you've never experienced the pain and tears of these three, you may not understand. So, I am thankful that I can wear glasses :)

218. People, who, somehow, think glasses look good on me. Enough said.

219. 40-50 minutes on the train every morning. I'm loving reading a chapter of the Word; praying; journalling; reflecting. SO worth the earlier mornings!

Waiting for the train

220. My man. Really. How did I luck into meeting this guy, him falling for me, winning me, and then getting to be with him?!?!?! Best. Gift. EVER.

221. Sneakers. Because I can walk so much faster in them =D

222. A dinner and movie date with Andre. Something he's always wanted to do "when we live in the same town". The [slightly] tense, scary movie was totally worth it :-)
223. Modern Family. So trivial, yet... pretty funny =P Laughing at everyday things that suddenly become funny on the show; rolling my eyes at the silliness...

224. The way Andre quotes Modern Family, even if he doesn't "get" the comment ;-) [we have to watch those sections about 5 times before we actually understand the meaning]

225. Free. Coffee. Work has a coffee machine. Need I say more??!

226. Visits from friends and family during my lunch break. This week, Mum, Amy and Jarryd came in, on Amy's birthday!

One 14-year-old, two crazy eyes, and Subway

227. Dad and Ryan's Work & Witness trip to PNG. I can't BELIEVE that, right now, they are in the exact same place where I served, two years ago!!! Ryan is having the time of his life, and doesn't want to come home. Don't I know how that feels!!

228. The blessing of being able to get up at the first alarm. No pressing snooze for me!!

229. Tissues. Always a necessity with hayfever.

230. Sunny days and sushi in Rundle Mall.

231. My new job. This is a HUGE one!! I work for Kelly & Co. in the city of Adelaide. My colleagues and managers are amazingly awesome, approachable and affirming (okay, I added that last one just to create an alliteration. Creative, I know!), and the offices are pretty fancy!

232. Hebrews 11 and 12. I have read these two chapters more in the last three weeks than I have in my entire life!! So, SO good!!!!

233. Spring, which means dandelions covering our entire front yard.

234. Sunsets. Amen.

235. A sleep-over and catch-up with a friend that I hadn't connected with since at least the start of this year.

236. The opportunity I had to nanny two precious children for a friend in need.

Caleb's icecream was filled with all kinds of un-name-able toppings. If all baby-sitters were like me, kids would LOVE them!! ;-)

237. Visiting my best friend and having dinner with her little family. A short amount of time, but time that I treasure.

238. Rain-water. Nothing beats it!!

239. The new young adults group at my church!!! This is a huge one! We've never had this many "young adults" in our congregation, and I am LOVING the opportunities to connect with these lovely friends. Our first group catch-up was at Cafe Nova, for dinner, drinks, and Jenga. Such fun!!!

240. Reading. I am re-discovering my old love!!!!!!!! YAYYY for books!!!!

241. For.give.ness. Thank You, Jesus.

242. A [successful] shopping date with my brother =D

I now know what Retail Therapy means. WOO!

243. Birthdays =D

244. People at church who ask me how my new job is going; what is happening in my life. I feel SO cared for and loved by my church family!

245. My Mum's homemade lasagne. The best!!

246. Leftovers from a morning tea that was held at work. (yes, us admins get the leftovers =P )

Nom, nom, nom.
By the way, That little pie in the top left corner? Best. Pie. EVER. No joke. I need to find out where they came from! Real meat, real taste. De-LISH.

247. Weekly devotional times with Andre. Learning together, sharing together, growing together.

248. My African friends coming to church these last few weeks - so fun having them there!

249. Cleaning jobs while I didn't have work, which provided just the right amount of $$ for those weeks.

250. The chance to walk a lot during the weeks without work. This is one scene I passed :-)

251. The good, healthy, productive feeling of making my own lunch to take to work :-)

252. Being able to afford to buy lunch every day for almost 3 weeks... and sometimes dinners... Definitely not a necessity, but a pleasure to enjoy as I settle into work (now the above Gift is to be the norm).

253. Time with Andre just sitting together, chatting, studying, reading, and drinking coffee / smoothies. I love the simple joy of these precious moments!

[although, the banana smoothie wouldn't be my first pick next time...]

There is ALWAYS something to be thankful about! I wanted to make this list as long as I could, so it took me a while. But as I thought and reflected, more and more things came to mind.

God is good, through the good and bad. He remains faithful. He remains just and loving and true. He alone is the biggest gift of all!!!

What are you thankful for today?

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