29 September 2012

DTS Outreach Darwin [Katherine]: Week 4 Recap

Yung Bala Kamp team :-)

On our last week in the Northern Territory, we journeyed down south, past Katherine.

Pretty much the scenery for the entire 3 hour trip

Potty break at the Adelaide River Inn

We unpacked for a one-night-stay at a missionary's house

One inspiring, beautiful woman of God

Chatting with my amazing friend and leader...

...during this gorgeous sunset!! 
We joined a Yung Bala Kamp (Youth Camp), which was run by an SIM missionary, who ministers in the Aboriginal communities in the NT.

Our warm welcome to the outback

Unloading the troupie. We dumped everything here, then moved it all over to the shed, and then moved it all >>

>> here. To our campsite :-)

Story of our lives in the outback


Discussion time

Bailing out water from the leak, created by someone driving into a tap! Oops! 

Outdoors activities (these guys are FAST!)

The Shield of Faith

Tug-o'-War - girls won!!!!!!


Learning about the Armour of God

I spent hours during this week reading and journalling. It was amazing!

Had lots of fun with this little kid!!

On the last night at camp, we had a wonderful worship and sharing time.
During that time, suddenly there was a scream from one of the tents.  The girl in the tent had a toothache, so she'd been sleeping while we were around the campfire. A bunch of the ladies, as well as a couple of the leaders from our group rushed into the tent. The girl said that she saw something; felt something in the tent with her.
Earlier in the camp, we as leaders felt a very strong presence of the enemy. We'd spent a good couple of hours in spiritual warfare at that time, and now it felt that the devil was back, in a very physical way.
The women in the tent prayed over the girl, casting out any demons and anything of the enemy. Those of us around the campfire were praying as well, and eventually there was release. Eventually the girl in the tent calmed down.
I started singing praises to the Lord, and everyone joined in. Just remembering that moment gives me goosebumps! I literally felt the Lord's presence there, in those moments. He was so very real; so very close. I was amazed at the breakthrough that we felt during that time of spiritual warfare.
God is so powerful!

Yung Bala Kamp

On the way back to Darwin

I got the joy of opening and closing gates =D

Team debrief on the way home
Overall this camp was an eye-opener. I've never really spent much time with Indigenous people, and I loved living with them and seeing how they do life.
Spending that week with our team was a great experience, too.


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