6 December 2012

Musings on Coffee

Late last week I was thinking a lot about coffee.

Firstly, because I was really, really, REALLY tired.
Secondly, because I'd been drinking two cups every day last week.
And finally, because my love for coffee has grown in, say, this last year and 8 months.

At my home away from home with my special cup, and some Chai Latte that my sister posted to me

What is the significance of that time frame?
Andre and I have been together for 1 year and 8 months! - and I have grown to appreciate coffee very much during this time!!
This isn't even because I started drinking it to keep me awake during our late night phone chats while he was living in Sydney (although, that would have been a good idea, because half the time I was curled up in bed; eyes closed; phone resting on my ear...). It's not even because I started drinking coffee every night when we were together on one of those monthly weekends, just to try stay awake longer to cherish that time with him.
It's simply because he loves coffee, so when we are together, we often have coffee...and I have grown to love it!!

On one relaxed date with my man - mocha and smoothie
When ordering at a cafe, I often order a mocha.
Mocha is Andre's favourite coffee, and when we were living in different cities, 90% of the time my order (when we were apart) would be a mocha - because the smell reminded me of my man :-) It seems that this habit has stuck!

Coffee is always better in a cup from dear friends 
For me, coffee never needed to be very fancy (we have a coffee machine here at work, but Moconna will do me just fine, thank you!).
I do enjoy trying different coffees, though!. Hazelnut latte; coffee frappe; hazelnut hot chocolate... I love trying new things!
Mmm............ Now I can't wait for my next coffee date!!

What is your favourite flavoured coffee? Do you drink coffee? - or are you more of a tea kind of person?

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