5 September 2012

Blessed Events in my First Week at Home

After one week at home, enjoying time with family, sleeping in, doing nothing, and spending time with my boyfriend, I was blessed this weekend to be a part of two amazing events with dear people from my church.

The first one was a pampering afternoon for the ladies and girls, thanks to Girls of Grace [With A Mission]. It was SUCH a privilege to spend time with the lovely ladies and girls who came!

To set the mood...

Thanks to Miss Mikayla and Miss Brooke... mini cupcakes!!

Lots 'n' lots of sweets - just what every girl gets excited about ;-)

Chocolate icing, of course! - with colourful butterflies :)

Coffee and laughs, while enjoying a foot bath!

Gorgeous girls - Amy, Hannah and Jordan

Alicia - all smiles, with her freshly painted nails!

Elyse always works wonders with nail polish!

Prepping for more foot baths!

Alicia lending a helping hand to Gabby =P

Claudia getting treated to a hand massage by Mikayla

R-L: Sarah and Kathryn (sisters), and Kathryn's daughter Christina
The second awesome event was our monthly youth service. We hold youth services every last Sunday of the month, and I am SO happy that I got to be here for this one!
A few of us stayed at the church all afternoon, and others joined a little later to help set up. 
And set up, we did!!!
All musical equipment moved; new lights; posters; chairs moved... Such fun!!

Setting up for youth service = ...

... CHAOS!!!
There were a lot of busy little beavers running around all over the place! =P ha!

Pretty lights :)
These make me happy!

The service started with a fun skit =D
I wish you could've been there to see it!

Our amazing worship team.
Nathan, Daniel, Brento, Kim, Gabby, Chris and Aaron [on drums]


Gabby led worship for the first time, and was a superstar!! Love that girl :)

My amazing boyfri-....... uh, I mean, the youth pastor preaching and challenging us: "What is Your Life All About?"

I am SO happy to be home! As I continue to settle in, I am just so grateful that God has called me here for this season.
I can't wait to see what He's going to do in and through the young people in my church and beyond - and I am super-excited to be involved in this!!

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