5 September 2012

DTS Outreach Darwin: Week 3 Recap

At the beginning of last week we did a bunch of work around the YWAM base. We cleaned-up after Mission Adventure - cleaned bathrooms did laundry; cleaned out the fridge, kitchen and scullery; vaccuumed; hosed down the dining room............
It was good to be there to help :-)

Who sweeps the patio?! In Darwin, they hose it down!! [I was cringing]

The scullery [e.g. wash-up area; crockery and cutlery are stored here; coffee and tea; personal fridge]

Janet cleaning out the fridge

Cleaning out the other fridge

Mending mattress protectors...

...for hours...
I never knew my headband doubled as a kippah!! (Jewish prayer cap) Thanks, guys, for telling me about this before the photo was taken! :-/

...we were pros by the end!

We also worked at Vinnies on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Vinnies is just up the road from the YWAM base, so it worked out really well for us to walk there each day. They run a food program that provides breakfast and lunch for people in need.
We arrived at 9am each day, and prepared the lunches. They would be given to homeless people or others in need, and service officers such as firemen.

Please note that my fashionable attire is not a dress, but an apron =D

We all had our jobs: Toma packing the sandwiches into bags; me stacking the sandwiches (had to make sure each package had variety, of course!); Tim making nice patterns such as flowers and treble clefs, with the sauce...

Our production line was very successful!

I immensely enjoyed making the sandwiches!...

...although, I may have gotten a bit dehydrated...or something affected my brain... =P

Janet did an amazing job! I think she was the fastest of us all!

300+ sandwiches later...
We were still alive!
L-R: Janet, Toma, me, and Tim

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