1 June 2012

Prayer Walking

While in Canberra, I went prayer walking with my DTS in the city. The second time, we went to the AIS: Australian Institute of Sport.

This guy has some crazy guns!!! =P

Tim and Toma walked and prayed together, and us ladies went together. We found a place that was open and was MUCH warmer than outside, so we diligently prayed inside the rink ;-) There were people roller-skating, and also some basketballers practising. Our time there was really moving. The roller-skaters were just a social group that meet weekly, and we met some interesting characters there, so it was great to be able to pray for their group. For the basketball team, we had a vision of one of those players meeting the Lord and then sharing Him with his team - and the team taking hold of the Lord for themselves; Bible study groups forming; some kind of revival sweeping through even that small team to begin with. VERY exciting and inspiring!

Tim, Toma, Wanda and Janet

We prayed at the swimming pools as well, and walked around the residential areas and prayed against the enemy's hold in the lives of the people who live there. So many of these people are searching for fame and money and value and a name for themselves, but all of these things eventually fade. Our time spent walking and praying in that area was very powerful.

This is us, praying.

I can't wait to do more of this! When I heard we'd be going prayer walking, I was a bit hesitant and not really very positive - but I found it to be very eye-opening and up-lifting. I want to bring this with me wherever I go and start looking outside of myself; at the people around me; the communities; see the enemy's work and pray against it.

To my youth group - look out! We just might do this sometime in the future ;-)


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