21 May 2012

Who do I Trust?

A few weeks ago now, we had two lectures titled "Living by Faith".

My mentor, Esther, spoke about the importance of trusting the Lord to provide our day-to-day needs. She shared many of her own experiences in this area, and it was amazing.

She is ethnically Chinese and grew up in Malaysia. She shared how Chinese people in general are very focused and like to earn money and everything that goes along with that. With that being her background, going into full-time ministry with no regular support was a huge challenge for her. Being separated from her parent's income and learning to live with her very generous and faithful husband [who pushed her to give up her rights to riches, money, etc.] began a new journey for her.

Just hearing her stories of money coming in and then immediately being passed from her hands to someone who needed it more challenged me.

Am I generous? Am I willing to give up my needs for the benefit of others and the Kingdom? Can I live my life on the edge, with full confidence that God will supply ALL of my needs, exactly when I need them??????

Phew. What a challenge!

She gave us lumps of playdough and told us to mold the shape of the thing that we have put our faith in for finances. Being completely not artistic in this way, I freaked out a little! But an image came to mind...

When I was 13 years old, I began working for Simply Elegant, and since then have been working, earning my own money, and living quite independently in that respect. I've always bought my own clothes and personal items, gifts for friends, my car and all the fees that go along with that... Completely relying on my work for my financial provision.

The reason I sculpted a computer is because since I was 16 years old I have been doing office work, so that has been my source of income. Basically, I was trying to show that I have always relied on my own work to earn my money.

Since coming to YWAM, I have been challenged to rely on GOD for financial provision. With no income since the end of February, I have freaked out at times! But you know what? I have seen ANSWERS to my prayers exactly when I needed it.

It's such a learning curve!!!!!

I never thought I would be in the place of actually seeing the Lord provide money, plain as day.

One or two weeks ago, I went online and my bank account was... well... let's just say, I could see the bottom of the barrel ;-) That afternoon, I literally went "shopping" with the weirdest knowledge that I had no money to spend! As I walked around the shops, I really just kept giving up this financial situation to the Lord.

And I kid you not - the following day, Mum emailed me, saying that my vehicle insurance company owed me some money, and that she would transfer the $$$ into my account.


Thank You, Jesus!!!!

I am learning to life this life of faith and continual surrender.

It's scarily amazing.

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