1 June 2012


On my brand new, fancy phone (Samsung Galaxy W), I downloaded the Instagram app. I love it!! I love just taking random, artistic photos, and [when I get the chance] playing around with them!

Here is a bunch of random photos to give you a glimpse into my little world :-)

Oats and yoghurt while studying on a Saturday morning

With my crazy, amazing man on a wonderful Sydney visit

Delicioso =D

I was feeling a little green that day :-)

Because I was missing my girls

Brasilian chocolate!!


Mango-flavoured green tea with peach jelly!

Prayer walking at the Australian Institute of Sport

Someone prettied up the ladies' bathroom <3

Mum asked me if I liked this movie. When I said yes, she picked it up and bought it for me =D

Hot chocolate while playing iMAgiNiff... with my family on Mother's Day

Finishing my journal on the weekend

The best of both worlds =P


I will try to keep Instagramming my pics, and do more posts similar to this :-)

What do you think???

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