23 June 2012

DTS Outreach Sydney: Week 2 Recap

Week 2 of our time in Sydney was really quite similar to Week 1.
We finished cleaning the manse and continued working at the coffee shop.
In addition, we served at a funeral that was held at the church. We also worked at a little shop in Jannali for a day, sorting boxes and setting up shelves, etc.
On the Wednesday night, we went to Joshua's Kitchen. This is a ministry of the Uniting Church in Jannali, and people from all over come to have a meal together. We actually served here twice.

Bringing some love :-)

Sydney DTS Team: me, Jamie, Di and Toma

The night's entertainment...
It was a blessing to serve there!!
After the meal, there was a time in the church sanctuary with one or two songs and some prayers.

We also had the opportunity to go to YWAM Newcastle. The idea was to join in with their Youth Street program. This is held weekly, on Saturdays, and teams of youth are formed, and they basically go on outreach in the community - through surfing, skate-boarding, dancing, music, etc. It looks like a wonderful program.
Unfortunately, we didn't get to join in the outreach. *bummed* Instead, we helped for 10 minutes in the kitchen and then sat around all afternoon, waiting for the teams to get back.

Their headquarters is in an old warehouse - it's so cool!!

After dinner, we went back to the base...

...and had a time of worship!

Somehow they include non-Christians in Youth Street. I'm really not sure how they work it, but from what I saw, it was good. At the beginning of worship, the band played a popular mainstream song, so everyone got together and started singing along. Then they transitioned into worship songs. After that, they did announcements - in a cool way ;-) They had slides, 2 people talking (not at once, don't worry!), and prizes for people who remembered what was coming up. They also had a Bible reading, read by one of the youth. Then one of the leaders brought a message. He spoke in such a clear, simple, young-people-friendly way! I was impressed. He spoke SO relevantly.

I loved seeing how things work at another YWAM base!

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