30 June 2012

DTS Outreach Darwin: Week 1 Recap

Hello, lovely people!!

Finally, I have a chance to use Blogger on this fancy phone of mine :) It's such a blessing to have wifi connection, at least at the moment!

So, one week has already flown by, here in Darwin!!
We are staffing a Mission Adventure here at the Darwin YWAM base. Mission Adventure is a 2-week program for high school students - kind of like a mini-DTS: days of teaching, followed by outreach.

So this past week we have spent every morning in training sessions, to get prepared for when the students arrive tomorrow (Sunday). The sessions covered topics such as teamwork, personal quiet time, child safety policies, intersession, and outreach. We did some fun team-building activities, too!!

Toma kindly gave us the afternoons off this week - because next week will be so full-on. Thanks, Toma! In the afternoons I did various things. One afternoon I exercised with Tim and Toma. Another afternoon we went to the Wave Pool with all of the MA staff. One day Janet and I went down to the park and read for a couple hours. It's been a privilege to have time out this week - I'm sure this isn't "normal" outreach!

I've missed home a lot this week, especially leading up to the weekend. There's a mid-year youth camp happening, and I would've loved to be there! To make it even more of a struggle for me, Andre is there, too! I'm glad he got to go, but I am pretty jealous =P

 Before I finish with a few phone pics from the week, I'd like to share a few prayer requests with you.

 1. Physical energy. The Mission Adventure students arrive today, and from now into the week, our schedule will basically be full from 7am until 10pm!
 2. Grace to be able to focus here, for this season, instead of pining away for home and my boyfriend!
 3. That I will be able to continue to have personal quiet times every day - very important when all day is spent pouring out into the lives of the youth.
 4. For God to use me as He wills during Mission Adventure.

Your prayers and encouragement are greatly appreciated!
 ~ Rachel
PS Sorry that some of the pictures are sideways - didn't know how to rotate them on my phone!

Evening chats with some great people: Annie, Manuel, Toma and Tim 
Walking in the Botanical Gardens
Morning view outside my window
Mango gelato after walking into the city with Janet
Loving the palm trees!
Relaxing at the Wave Pool =D such bliss!

Visiting the Fannie Bay Gaol
One delicious meal!

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