16 June 2012

The Centre, Jannali

The Oyster Bay Christian Church (the church we are staying at and working with) owns a cafe in the centre of Jannali: The Centre.

It is an amazing cafe! I LOVE it! As well as the lovely "normal" cafe area that customers enter, there is also a downstairs section with a kids playground and more chairs, tables and couches for the mamas (and others) to sit, and a corner with books, cards, crafts, and jewellery that are for sale.

This week I worked at the cafe on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - and I loved it!!!
The atmosphere there was just so lovely to work in. I really, REALLY enjoyed the physical aspect of the work, too. After doing office work for 4 years, I'm keen to get out and try something new - something that will be more challenging physically; somewhere to learn new things; a chance to be with people a lot.

Gail, Toma and Phil eating lunch
[Phil is the retired pastor of Oyster Bay Christian Church]

What kind of weird smile is that?!?!

Becoming quite the professional ;-)

Toma also worked on Thursday

The only thing missing is my spray bottle of detergent hanging in my apron pocket =D
I would LOVE my home church to have a ministry similar to this one day - it would be absolutely amazing!! What an opportunity! I will be praying over this, and look forward to seeing where the Lord leads =D

I'm grateful for this week of working at The Centre. I'm thankful for the people who I was working with. I'm thankful for the opportunity to learn new things; to be able to speak with customers and be a smiling face. I'm glad I was able to serve in this ministry!


PS Do you think I can put this week's experience on my resume, for when I go home and start looking for work?? =P
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