9 July 2012

DTS Outreach Darwin: Week 2 Recap

Hello everyone!!
Here I am again, a week later, sweltering in the heat that is Darwin's winter! Well, not quite sweltering... But definitely still rocking out the shorts and t-shirts!!

 This last week was absolutely amazing. The Mission Adventure students were all finally here on Monday, and then the fun began!!!!
There were just over 20 students, from 2 schools in Victoria. There were 6 boys and the ready were girls, plus a few teachers thrown into the mix. There were about 10 full-time YWAMers on staff for Mission Adventure, plus a bunch of young people about my age who came at various times to assist with various parts of the program.

The daily program [for the students] looked like this:
7.00am wake up
7.15am: breakfast
8.00am: leave for the church (we used the facilities for the entire program at a local church)
8.15am: team/student/teacher meetings
8.45am: devotional groups
9.15am: CARE training (preparation time for outreach - included skits, puppets, kids games, craft, and sharing personal testimonies)
10.15am: morning tea
10.45am: morning session (worship, intercession and teaching)
1.00pm: lunch
2.00pm: work duties (e.g. lunch clean-up, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, dinner prep)
3.00pm: CARE training / outreach team meeting
4.15pm: games
5.30pm: dinner
6.30pm: clean up
7.00pm: evening session (worship and teaching). This was always followed by special workshops/stations/activities designed to give students the opportunity to cine closer to God
9.45pm: drive home
10.30pm: lights out

Whew!!!! It makes me tired just remembering!!
Ahh, but it was so good!

Two leaders setting a great example for the students =D
I was a devotional group leader with Naomi, and the girls in our group were absolutely amazing!!! We had done awesome chats with them - it was such a privilege to be a part of their lives for a few short days.

MA teaching session

I was also in the band for every worship session, and that was great! It was soooo nice to be playing music with a team again, and experiencing worship with new people and in different styles was so cool! On Wednesday I happened to song God Is Able and ended up leading that song (while playing keyboard)... At the end of worship, the leader who came up to do announcements gave me the hugest compliment by thanking me especially for singing, "I didn't even know you could sing!", and in general making me go all shy ;-) But it was kinda cool, I admit =D As it happened, I ended up leading the following morning's worship session!! I truly had SUCH fun, and was so blessed by the experience!

Worship at Mission Adventures

Leading worship

For the whole week, Janet and I were I charge of the intercession times. We basically had to teach the students what intercession is, the principles we use to lead into intercession, and how to learn to hear God's voice. We prepped everything the week before, but each night we'd spend time looking over the plans, making sure everything was together for the morning, and checking that we were on the same page. This meant we had quite late nights! - but out was definitely worth it. It was great to learn to work with Janet and have the opportunity to learn how to teach these important things!

Leading intercession
Toma and I were work duty leaders for a group of 4 students - 2 guys and 2 girls. Our duty was to drive back to base and clean the boys and girls bathrooms. It was fun! The first day I was trying to organise everyone, when I myself didn't really know where anything was... But they were an awesome bunch and knew how to clean, so that made it so much easier. There happened to be a few cans of lemon and lime fizzy drink in the fridge (SO GOOD!!), so Toma and I rewarded them (and ourselves!) by sharing the cans around =P we had to finish them in a hurry though, before we got back to the church - we couldn't have everyone jealous, now, could we? ;-)

Some days, in the afternoon, my DTS team regrouped and prayed together. I really appreciated those times of rest with the team.

Prepping to lead worship, during a quiet moment in the middle of the day
The night sessions were quite powerful. The different activities that we had included stations around the room with activities and time to pray, and a foot-washing time where us leaders washed student's feet and were able to pray for them individually.

Surrendering at the cross

So as you can see, the a schedule was really quite full! It was exhausting at times, but 100% worth it. The times didn't hanging out with the students, observing them, posting for them, and serving them was just amazing. I am SOOOOOO grateful to have been a part of Mission Adventure!!!

YWAM Outback Mission Adventure 2012 staff
The students all left at the end of the week for outreach - one group to an Aboriginal community; the other to Cambodia. Please pray for them as they serve - first and foremost that they will individually experience God in a new, amazing and personal way.

After they left on Friday, we had to clean the whole base and prepare for guests who stayed here on the weekend.
Saturday was a complete chill-out day! Sleep-in, reading, went for a walk, op-shopping, more reading, another walk into the city, and all finished up with the best Indian food ever, prepared by my favourite Indian people ever ;-) So, so good!

A meal with friends :)

Early morning walk

Sunday I went to Berry Springs... For a friend's wedding!!!!!!!!!! SUCH a special surprise!!! God really grants the randomest blessings! I'd been invited to the wedding, but had declined cos I knew I'd be on outreach. The turn of events came this week when the bride's sister emailed me, and through conversation, I realised the wedding was this Sunday! And waddayaknow... But I was re-invited (to the ceremony AND reception), a lift to and from the event was organised, I found a dress on Saturday, and voila! - I surprised Chanelle!!

Ready for Chanelle's wedding!

After she walked up the aisle, her sister (maid-of-honour) whispered something to her, and next thing I know, dear Chanelle's jaw drops open and she gets teary as she realises I'm there :') That was so special to know that I was a good surprise! ;-)
The ceremony was followed by a barbecue lunch, and then a lot of people went swimming in the springs, which looked lovely! The heat was pretty atrocious, so I was happy when the hottest part of the day was over! I would like to point out that I only had a few centimetres of skin that got only slightly burned!

Overall, last week was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! I was just so amazingly blessed by all that transpired.
This week will be odd jobs and various bits of outreach, and then we're going to an Aboriginal community that is about 3 hours away from Darwin. We'll be helping with a youth camp there. I can't wait for this new experience! (hopefully I'll get to learn some bush tracking stuff and maybe even eat some bush tucker?!?!)

Janet and Tim preparing morning / afternoon tea
Please continue to pray for me and my team as we move on and serve in various ways. Please pray against any illness, injury, or vehicle problems as we travel out bush. Pray with us, also, with the authority that's been given to us by Christ, against evil spirits in the community we'll be serving in. The spirits are very real, and we're called to stand against them in Jesus' name.

Thank you all so much again for any prayers and thoughts and encouragement as I continue this wonderful journey!
Lots of love to you, my friends...
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