7 May 2012

24-hour Sydney Visit

This weekend I had the privilege to spend just over 24 hours in Sydney!

Arriving in Newtown. Kind of feels like a "home" of sorts to me, now :-)

I'm loving the Australian flag these days :-)

Emma, Tamara and I drove up on Saturday to attend the memorial service for Belinda, a friend, missionary and Nazarene who passed away 80 days ago.
This woman is such an inspiration to me - from what I have seen, heard and experienced of her, her heart for mission was so passionate, and I feel that my heart is similar to hers, so I feel connected to her in some special way, even though I really haven't spent much time with her.

Us girls went to Andre's place after the service and chatted, watched TV and drank ginger and lemon tea (thanks, Marcus!).
Marcus also made me practise Portuguese, and I really appreciated the time spent having a [simple] conversation with Andre and him in Portuguese. I love the language! It's hard for me to speak it, because I'm nervous that I'll say it wrong. But as I keep saying to people who are learning English - the more you speak it, the easier and better it will become! I need to take my own advice!!

On Sunday after the morning church service at Enmore Nazarene, Andre and I went into the city and spent the rest of the afternoon there. We had a simple lunch of fish and chips at the Harbour, and then went to the Museum of Contemporary Art [in Darling Harbour].

One piece of art...
I don't think Andre and I are particularly huge contemporary art fans... We found some of the stuff kinda weird... But we enjoyed wandering around the different displays on a few floors there at the gallery!
[And don't take it personally if you're someone who enjoys contemporary art! Each to their own!]

Us :-) How I love this guy!!! I'm so blessed.

A friend's Mum visited from Brasil recently, and my boyfriend kindly kept some goodies for me =D mmm!!

"Sonho do Valsa"

Aaaand... He gave me a very, VERY beautiful necklace :-) SUCH a surprise!!!! I love it!! Thank you, my love!

Guess what [flag] this is?? Some of you SHOULD know!

I hope you had a good weekend! - I certainly did!! =D Nothing better than spending [quality] time with my man, walking around the city, chatting, eating, and silently enjoying each other's company :-)

What did you do this weekend?

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