2 May 2012

Two Parties!

In April we were blessed with many celebrations! Not too sure if our tummies quite need all of the goodies associated with parties, but...
Never mind =D

Apart from the most important day in April, which happens to be April 6, there were a couple other wonderful days as well!! ;-)

Earlier in April, Janet had a birthday, so we got a lovely roast meal that night! Mmmm-mm!!!

Beautiful Janet :-) She looked amazing on her birthday night!!

Birthday prayers - Toma and Janet

And then, just five days later, baby Andrew turned 100 days!!!! A Korean tradition is to celebrate every baby's 100th day. This is a really huge, important celebration in Korea. After the war, it was common for babies to die very soon after they were born - before they'd lived for 100 days. So babies weren't seen as really being born until they were alive and well at around 100 days... Therefore this tradition began! I really love it!
So we had a 100th Day Party for Andrew Jeon!!

This is NOT little Andrew - just another cutie ;-)

Speeches and prayers 
I LOVE the set-up of this special table! They are so creative!!

This is THE most beautiful family EVER!!! Jigeon, Amy and baby Andrew

Jigeon and Amy are SO beautiful!!!! I love them! I haven't spent much time with them or talked to them a lot, but they are two of the friendliest, smiliest [is that a word?!] people here at YWAM Canberra... And they happen to have two ADORABLE kids. Seriously. My heart MELTS every single time I see baby Andrew and his big brother Noah. The CUTEST kids!! Noah always waves "bye-bye" to me, now gives me hi-fives, and screams / giggles so loudly when I play peek-a-boo with him =D  AHHH!!!!! Love them! Shall I stop raving over these poor children?! ;-)



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