1 May 2012

Walking in Thankfulness

Yesterday I was out walking (I don't even remember where), and I was just thanking and praising the Lord for all of the things around me. I extended those prayers and praises to include anything else... And I realized I should add these to my Count to One Thousand Gifts!!!


153. The amazing, beautiful, stunning, breath-taking, smile-giving, photogenic autumn colours!!!

154. Public transport
155. Displaying new photos on my desk - Julia and I, my family, and Girls of Grace =D
156. Talking with my Brasilian family
157. Hot coffee
158. Drinking hot coffee
159.Warm heaters
160. Legs that are [relatively] healthy enough to take me on walks and runs

161. Books
162. The opportunity and ability to lead worship and play piano
163. Contact lenses. Eeeeeven when they're dry and sleepy and feel like they have sand in them. Because at least I can see, like, 1000 times better than when I'm not wearing them!
164. Coffee. Wait. Did I already mention that one??? ;-)
165. Facebook chat
166. Colourful birds that so EASILY show off my Creator!!
167. The youth from my home church... Ohhhhh my goodness!!!!!! How I absolutely LOVE these guys and girls!!!!!! Love them to BITS! And miss them all SO much...

I can't stop smiling, just looking at this picture!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

168. Warm slippers. [can you tell that I am thankful for anything warm these days??]
170. The thought of no exercise early tomorrow morning ;-)
171. Beautiful sunsets
172. Comfy lounge chairs
173. Chatting with my gorgeous best friend
174. Teasing my boyfriend
175. This beautiful lady, Shirley. SUCH an inspiration for me

176. Only 4 more weeks of lectures!!!!!!!!
177. My parents coming to visit in two week's time
178. Eating carrot and corn for lunch
179. Walking around this beautiful YWAM base in Canberra
180. Laughing with my friends
181. Venting with Jamie and Janet while doing our journals =P
182. No regrets about waking up at 3:40am for the ANZAC Day Dawn Service on Wednesday
183. Coffee =D =D

What are you thankful for? Find ONE thing you're thankful for today! Trust me - you'll feel so good! :-)

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