13 April 2012

Remembering to be Grateful

Hello, everyone!
For the last couple weeks I've been wanting to post about everything that I've been grateful for lately, but... You know... Life happens, priorities take precedence, and blog posts often get put down to the bottom of the to-do list!
So here I am again! Getting into thankful mode - which I try to do every day, only this time, to share with you all :-)

123. Glasses. Because then I can rub my eyes as much as I like! (yes, I'm serious. Ya know, like, having a piece of plastic shoved onto my eyeball isn't enough. Ahem.)

124. Wearing trackies to bed so that I don't have to get changed in the morning.
125. Talking with my Mum on the phone.
126. Fried chicken, rice and mixed veggies with a sweet and sour sauce for dinner. Yum!
127. Looking at pictures back from 2010. WOW.

Performing at the Gawler Show :-)
In PNG - ohhh how I love that place! I've been thinking about PNG a LOT lately.

128. Brooke Fraser's music.
129. Hot water.
130. Studying in the library with other students.
131. Learning a song in Portuguese =D
134. Pictures from my sister, of her room - which used to be mine.
135. Different coloured pens - makes study so much more exciting!!!

136. My warm dressing gown.
137. Hot porridge for breakfast - YAY!
138. Fresh fruit.
139. Birthday cards decorating my desk.
140. Free afternoons - what a treat!
141. Finding my Cousin Michael and Rebecca at a church I went to for camp outreach on Easter weekend - such a special surprise!
142. My sponge, which stops the dripping noise from my tap keeping me and my neighbour awake.

143. Journalling.
144. Healing from sickness.
145. Being able to speak - literally! (if you've never lost your voice, you won't understand the deep thankfulness I have for my vocal chords right now)
146. The inspiration of ladies such as Danielle and Belinda.

With the lovely Danielle at Third Wave this year. Such a willing, servant-hearted girl
Belinda has shown me my life's possibilities and inspired me into my call.
147. God's grace to let me sleep for an hour on the library couch =P
148. Being told the schedule for my DTS outreach this year!! THANK YOU, JESUS!
149. Lunchtime chats with classmates.
150. A heater for my room!
151. Chats with my big brother Simon =P
152. Delicious cream cheese on my sandwich for lunch.

What are you thankful for today?? There are COUNTLESS things to be thankful for!


1 comment:

SimonKohlman said...

I am thankful for a beautiful, Christlike lil Sis! And for being able to keep in touch with her, and for her counsel about important stuff!