18 April 2012

One Special Morning-Tea

 A couple of weeks ago (don't you just love how up-to-date I am with my blogging?!?!), some very special people provided morning tea for my class, the DTS (Discipleship Training School), and also the SBS (School of Biblical Studies) class.
These people had a prayer meeting the week before, and felt that the Lord wanted them to bless us with something a bit unusual - so they prepared this amazing morning tea for us!!

The beautiful tables

As we all walked in, they all stood in a circle singing a Korean song, welcoming us. And these lovely gentlemen provided live music all morning!

Chatting and playing with the baby

Gorgeous cake!
My morning tea :-)
PS The coffee was delicious! Hazelnut-flavoured!
PPS The cake was also scrumptious =D

Jae-Ho and Ben; Wanda and Janet

Abraham, Sarah, [I don't know the tall guy's name :-/ ] and Aeja

Abraham, Sarah and I. This couple is so sweet! I love them! I can't speak Korean, and they can't speak very much English - but we always smile and wave at each other, and Sarah and I greet each other with hugs. It's very special.
Me and Ben. We're study buddies in the library from time-to-time =P (actually, I invite myself to come and disturb his space... But I'm pretty sure he doesn't mind. Too much =P hehe)

My class (L-R): Tim, Bob, Janet, Jamie, Toma, me, Esther, and Linda
Tim and Esther are husband and wife, as are Toma and Linda. Bob is Janet's husband, who was visiting at that time.

That morning tea was so special. I felt SO overwhelmed that the Lord spoke so clearly to those special people, to bless us in this way :-)
Thank You, Jesus!


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