22 April 2012

Easter Monday Dinner with Family

On Easter Monday I had the privilege of being picked up my uncle and cousins and taken to their house for a lovely dinner and time together.
They've lived here in Canberra all my life, so I usually just get to see them once a year - they visit in January, during school holidays. It's nice just knowing I have family here in Canberra, even though I've only seen them once in these 7 weeks of being here. [on that note - I can't believe I've been here for 7 weeks! Time flies! - yet it feels like I've been here forever! Strange.]
Here are a few pics from the night :-)

A bunch of leftover curries! YUM! 

Claire cutting cake for dessert - she's a pro!

Naomi, me and Claire - they're such beautiful girls!

My Easter gift from them =P
[Charming, no?!]

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