14 April 2012

One Day to Celebrate One Year

At the end of March, André came down to Canberra for a weekend visit. Not only so that we could see each other, but specifically to have a little celebration of being together for one year :-)

We went for a really long hike up Mount Majura, which is just behind the YWAM base. It was SO lovely to be in the outdoors for over 6 hours that day! The weather was perfect - the sun was shining, yet it wasn't too hot; not windy... Praise the Lord for the glorious day! And for this man to spend it with ;-)

Comendo uma empada de coala =P 



Eu amo fotographia!

Meu homem :-)

Divirta-se =P 

Olha isso!!!!!

Telstra Tower, Canberra


Then in the evening, we went into Civic on the bus and watched The Lorax in 3D (my first-ever 3D experience!), followed by some time in the Centre...

Cinemas depois de pizza de Nova York =D Mmmmm!!


Estranho... :O

rsrsrsrsrsrsrs =P


Muito feliz =D
Eu estou muito abencoado por ter esse homem maravilhoso em minha vida!
Obridago, Deus!

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