3 April 2012

Enmore's 50th Birthday!

Last Sunday (March 25) I travelled with Emma and Tamara to Enmore Church of the Nazarene, for their 50th birthday service.
We woke up nice and early, got ready and then drove 3 and 1/2 hours up to Sydney, arrived on time for the 10am service. 
They had worship and memories from various people's experiences at the Enmore church, and then during the sermon, I helped Sally and Andre in Sunday School. It was so full-on!! 18 kids in one tiny room is insane! But I did enjoy it :-)
After church, we ate lunch and chilled for a while, and then Emma, Tammie, Andre and I walked around in Newtown for a while, looking in shops - mainly book shops - and Andre bought a Brazilian Portuguese phrase-book for me =D I was very excited!!!
Then we just relaxed at church for a while, before heading home.
Here are some pics!

Starting out soon after 6 in the morning

Getting sound and visuals ready for the service - Marcus, Andre and Pastor Caine

The musicians preparing - Allan, Phil, Thiago and Bruno

A feast, ready for after the service! Mmm!!

:-) Happy to spend the day with my man :-)
-photo courtesy of someone at the church-

The congregation grew and grew even after the service started. There were adults sitting in kids chairs! It was wonderful to see this church building so packed!!!

With the gorgeous Olivia. She is absolutely adorable! For some reason she took a liking to me, so spent the whole day around me :-)
Helping Sally and Andre in Sunday School with these kiddies - this sure took me back!!

Waiting for about half an hour in traffic to leave Sydney...

...still waiting...

...okay, clearly, waiting is dangerous. It leads me to take silly pictures of myself, pointing to all of the stuff us girls had to bring for just one day out...

Travel snacks!

What's a road trip to Sydney without a Maccas stop?! ;-)

"Things that make you go 'mmmmmm'..." [is that ad even in existence anymore?!]
Me, Emma and Tammie
Loved this day spent with friends, worshipping, and playing with kids!
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