2 April 2012

Canberra's Skyfire 2012 {PLUS!!! - Justice Crew!}

The weekend of March 25 was a relaxing one for me.

On Saturday, I went with Jamie into Civic just to check out the "city" of Canberra, chill, and get away from the base / home for a few hours :-) It was great to just hop on the bus and then spend a couple hours walking around Civic.

Then at about 5pm, the lovely Emma and Tamara picked me up and we headed to Commonwealth Park / Lake Burley Griffin, for Skyfire 2012.

It felt like we walked miles after we parked the car, but eventually we got a great seat at the centre of the stage, also with a good view of the lake - ready for the fireworks that would happen later in the evening.

Delicious pinwheels that Emma and Tamara's Mum generously provided. Yum!

Dance group

Resting :-)


Dancing helicopters

I love Australia :-)



And before the fireworks began... We were treated to a dose of Justice Crew! If you've never heard of them - they were the winner of Australia's Got Talent 2010! =D

And finally, the fireworks started! Of course, it started raining about 10 minutes before the fireworks began ;-) Which really made for great photography*......

*Note to self: Trying to take photos of fireworks (aka, looking upwards) from under an umbrella while it is raining, is a hard ask!

hehe, I just love all the umbrellas you see in this one!

The best one of the lot =D

Walking back to the car
We finished the night by sitting in the car for half an hour? - 40 minutes? - waiting for the traffic to pass by. Even then, once we pulled out, it was a long time before we got out onto the road!

A huge thank you to these beautiful girls for inviting me out for a night with them!!!

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