22 April 2012

DTS Lectures: Relationship

This week the subject of our lectures was "Relationship". Definitely my favourite week of lectures, so far. Every day there was a challenge or an inspiration brought forth from our speaker.

Below is just one verse we read during the week. It was a huge blessing to me - amazed me, actually!

"In love He predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of His will." -Ephesians 1:5.

Isn't it amazing that God planned, wayyyyy back, before any of us were even in EXISTENCE, to adopt us into His family? That His purpose for us is to be in relationship - included - with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?! When I think about it, it really blows my mind away!

Here is what I journalled about this scripture - also bringing forth some other points from the week:

"I have chosen to be included in God's family. I have chosen to accept this amazing gift. God picked me up when I'd still chosen to sin after He took it [sin] upon Himself. When I embrace Him in return, I learn His character and begin seeing people through His eyes... In God's holiness, he established relationship before I was born. His pursuit and His love are relationally perfect."

As well as speaking about relationship with God and His family, we spoke about Courtship, Marriage and Divorce. The speaker shared some helpful principles, for various stages of the courtship relationship, and for the decisions we have to make in our lives - principles that we can say to ourselves and live by, when we are in this stage of life.

  1. I will only date and marry a growing Christian
  2. I will relate dating and marriage to God's purposes for my life
  3. I will not defraud the one I date
  4. Both of us must be in harmony at home
  5. I will wait for God's timing for my marriage
  6. I yield to God my right to date and marry
  7. I commit to God and my partner... 'Til death do us part

I hope this can help you and lift you up, and perhaps let you encourage someone in your life that this may be relevant to!


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