24 March 2012

School Days...

... But not just any school days!

These are Discipleship Training School days :-)

Days of learning; of meeting new people. Days of discovering new things about my Heavenly Father. Days to realize how much I truly love and appreciate my family and friends and church family. Days of waking up at 6:10am every.single.weekday.morning without fail. Days of cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming hallways as long as my house.

Days of sitting outside after work duty is done and reviewing notes from morning lectures. Days of meals with people from all over Australia and the world. Days of emailing dear people from home. Days of learning patience because of the *mildly slow* internet speed.

Days of sharing bathrooms with [however many] other people. Of having to take every item with you to the shower every.single.time. Days of hearing your next-door[room]-neighbour's TV shows, music, teeth-brushing and throwing up, through the drain-pipe that is connected to each room's hand-basin.

Days of learning to live in community with people who don't know you well. With people who can lift each other up in amazing ways, yet still trying to work well together at times. Days on end of wearing trackies and sneakers, just cos it's chilly. Days of wandering around the base when you have nothing better to do, looking for some great photos, admiring the Lord's amazing creation.

There is so much more that I could add to this list - more things every day! I am so thankful for this experience, in so many ways. Yes, there are things I struggle with. Every day there is something that I would rather be different.

Yet I know this is a privilege. My Father has given me this great joy of learning more about Him; this season to focus fully on Him, no questions asked.

And I will continue to be grateful :-)


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