22 March 2012

Public Holiday BBQ

Last Monday (March 12) was a public holiday in Canberra. As DTS students, we still had our morning lecture, but Toma was gracious, and let us have the afternoon off =D

Since nearly everyone else on base had the day off [pffft], this included the cooks having a break. So, instead of the normal dinner-time with everyone, we had a DTS BBQ!

Tim, Esther and Janet preparing potatoes and salad

Toma and Josiah beginning to cook...

And now, the salads are brought out!
From back: Janet, Linda, Toma, Josiah
I never thought I would be taking creative photos of barbeque meat............. 
My meal: Sausage, patty, potato, onion, and salad with Greek dressing and tomato sauce on the side

Table #1 - left bench: Daniela, Esther and Josiah. Right bench: Naomi, Rachel and Jamie

Table #2 - left bench: me, Linda and Toma {Naomi in the middle}. Right bench: Janet and Jaennette [last week's lecturer]
It was a good time to just relax together without time restraints or pressure, or brain work like class was last week :-)

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