18 March 2012

Reptile Park Outing

Last weekend I had the privilege to go to Sydney from Friday night until Sunday afternoon =D
It was awesome!
On Saturday, we had a youth / church outing to the reptile park! It was great to spend time with Becky, Jenny, Andy and Daniel, particularly - and also see other church people as well.

The guys =P Andy, Daniel and Andre
Becky and Andre

I can be perfectly happy with a gigantic spider looming behind me, if I have my man by my side. I know he's going to keep me safe :-) 
We saw all sorts of weird, wacky and wonderful creatures.

Some huge python

"What you lookin' at?!"

I love the colour of this lizard!

The most wonderful man ever =D
We went to almost every show in the park's schedule during the hours that we were there. The man who ran the shows [all shows except one] was great! He had a very dry sense of humour; was very sarcastic; spoke to individuals in the crowd [aka, audience participation]; included kids in demonstrations. He made it SO worth it! And for someone like me who isn't a huge fan at ALL of reptiles, even I was looking forward to every show :-)

This guy was amazing with the reptiles!

I think probably the most amazing show was the feeding of this massive crocodile. Andre swore he's seen bigger crocs, but I thought this was still pretty cool =P
There was a film crew there to record the feeding, so we got a bit longer show than usual, apparently - they wanted more, bigger, better shots.

I love this one! Amazing!

hehehe... Felt sorry for the reptile park lady (standing on the left, holding the stick) - she was looking out for the poor cameraman, ready to pull him back, just in case. She looked stressed the whole time!
The guy had a couple of close calls...
He said he'd definitely have to change his undies after the show...
Just sayin'...
And some other pieces of the day...
Waiting for the alligator feeding

NOT my ideal place to be in. Do I look naturally happy right here??

'Specially for my dear friend, Lici...

This was a wonderful day out with friends! Thank you everyone for making it so enjoyable!

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