8 March 2012

Many Gifts

There is SO MUCH to thank God for!!!! He has bestowed many, MANY gifts upon us each and every day - and I want to remember to delight in these gifts and thank Him for them.

At this rate, it will take me a while to count up to One Thousand Gifts, but I guess it doesn't really matter how long it takes - it's more about the thankfulness of the heart, right? :-)

I'd love it if you join me!

93. Music
94. My awesome camera =D
95. The ability I have to exercise (now comes getting into the habit of exercising again!)
96. Beautiful going-away cards from friends
97. Family and friends joining at the airport to say goodbye to me
98. Skype calls with my man (even when we have to hang up and call again about 23 times throughout the duration of the call!)

99. Food
100. Text messaging friends
101. Journaling

102. Taking photos
103. Meeting different people at breakfast each morning
104. Saying "good morning" to people as I run past at 7am
105. How God reveals Himself to us in His amazing creation
106. The DVD Indescribable (Louie Giglio)
107. Rain

108. Shelter from the rain =P
109. The Inspirational Quotes desk gift from Elyse - today's quote: "Just breathe, and let God's Spirit fill your soul. In Him, your every moment's in control."
110. Coloured pens!! Makes note-taking WAY more fun =D
111. Hoodies. Perfect for early-morning runs

I can't believe I am actually posting this.
But this is real =D

112. Necklaces hung on my wall
113. Books
114. Gold earrings
115. Green mint tea. Mmmm!!! Might go get a cup of this right now!!
116. That I am now only 3 hours from Sydney =D
117. The sound of someone's thongs squeaking all the way down the hallway, after their shower. Makes me giggle EVERY time!!!
118. Memories of sleepovers with friends
119. Boots
120. My best friend Julia

121. A text from a friend saying she's praying for me as I settle in here at Canberra
122. My warm bed

Join me!! What are you thankful for today??


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