8 March 2012

Papua New Guinea

Some of you will know that I went to Papua New Guinea in September/October 2010. This was for a Work & Witness Trip with 13 other Australians, for 2 weeks. We went to Kudjip Nazarene Mission Station and served there primarily by beginning the foundations for a dorm for nurses at the hospital.

This wasn't the beginning of my knowledge and experience of PNG, though.

The pastor at Little Flock Baptist Church that my family used to attend had been a missionary in Papua New Guinea for about 10 years (Mum, correct me if I'm wrong!). Our church often prayed for the Papua New Guinean church and people. We financially supported some pastors there. Whenever letters were received from those pastors, they were read aloud in church (read in Tok Pisin - more commonly called Pidgin [English] - and translated. I was always amazed at my pastor and his wife for their language knowledge!). Our church had four flags displayed on the stage, and one of them was the Papua New Guinean flag.

I remember as a child, I LOVED hearing the stories from PNG. I was always fascinated. I wanted to know more. And I remember putting $2.00 into the offering bag when we took up an offering for the pastors there. I also wrote a letter to one of the pastors - I was SO excited to give it to my pastor to send for me! And I remember the smile on his face as he promised to send it :-) Such happiness!

In PNG in 2010 with the Hydro Church of the Nazarene. Special people.
I didn't expect anything back from this pastor or any of his church - but guess what?? They sent a bilem to me, with two notes of thanks and encouragement! I was STOKED!!!!!!!!! I still treasure that bag! - in fact, it is hanging on my bed, partly to decorate my room, and partly because of the specialness of the gift.

One of my most treasured possessions

You may be wondering why I'm rambling on about my "history" with Papua New Guinea!

Well, yesterday morning here at YWAM, we had base intercession. And our focus yesterday happened to be Papua New Guinea. A relationship is being formed between YWAM and PNG (I don't know details, but I am guessing that there is some connection with one or more churches there), so we were to be praying over that, as well as the YWAM ships.

As we watched the video of the YWAM Medical Ship travelling around Papua New Guinea - seeing those beautiful faces, the gorgeous children... My heart started beating faster as memories came back from my time in PNG. I could feel tears forming, but for that moment I was just entranced with this video.

However, after we formed small groups to begin praying for Papua New Guinea, the tears started rolling down my cheeks. I cried as I prayed for this country and its people. 40% of people in PNG live in poverty. Yet when I was there, all I saw was smiling faces. There is just something special about these dear people.

It was in that moment that I realized the burden I have for this country. I want something more. I want to do something for this country. I know I am just one small, insignificant person, but I know I can be used in a big way, if I let the Lord guide me.

Before going to PNG in 2010

I will be going to Papua New Guinea later this year for my Discipleship Training School, which I can't WAIT for - but I feel something beyond that. It would be amazing to serve there one day, for a season. Ah! The possibilities!! It is all up to the Lord, but I am definitely praying about this and just seeking His guidance.

This is the country that is on my heart in a HUGE way right now.
Could you pray for me? Could you join me in prayer for PNG?

And I encourage you - if there is a country or a nation or a people group or a community on your heart - NEVER STOP PRAYING. In fact, get others to join you in prayer! Prayer works wonders, because the God we serve is SO big and SO mighty and SO powerful and SO loving.

In HIS mighty name
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