5 March 2012

Settling into YWAM

Soon before 9:40am on Saturday March 3, 2012, at Adelaide Airport, I boarded a plane headed east.

After a stop-over in Melbourne, I landed at Canberra Airport at 2:20pm.

Welcome to Canberra!!!!!!!!!
Welcomed by [predictable] Canberra weather - cold, grey, raining - I headed into the terminal to collect my bags, and then met the lovely Tamara, who braved the weather to come and pick me up (in my defence, I of course had no idea that the weather would be this crazy!). I had to walk down this very long path to meet her, and with a 10kg backpack, pulling a 20kg suitcase and carrying another 20kg suitcase... I struggled down that path! Two lovely gentlemen did help me down the last 20 metres, for which I was grateful :-)

This is what I saw when I arrived at the YWAM base
Upon arrival at the base, I was welcomed by my DTS leader, Toma, and shown to my room.

The sweetest welcome basket, fruit and card on my desk!! The best surprise!

Before I got settled...
I don't know if I had any expectations for my room, but when I arrived I was IMMEDIATELY thankful that I had brought some personal items that I knew would make it feel more like home.
It took a while to get everything set up! After some snacks... walks down the hallway... text messaging... a nana-nap... dinner... a cup of tea... sleep... I finally got finished!
So, this is my little room :-D

Settled in :-)
I spent a lot of time fussing over which shelves in the cupboard to put my clothes on, where to hide away the spare sheets and bags, and all of those fun things :-)
Even more so, I took a long time to set up the desk just how I wanted it. This is the feature of my room :-)
AND I spent a good time taking photos, because I knew you'd want to see ;-) Right??

See? My room's feature =P 
Because I knew one certain man would be happy if I use it...

Jewellery box!

The cross is from my Work & Witness trip to PNG in 2010, and the little tin holds encouragement cards and notes from many wonderful people! To read on rainy days!

Because I love him :-) :-) :-)

My books!
With three additions, plus two more notebooks and two information books now

Apparently, I'm amazing =D (thanks, Mrs G!!!) And pictures of me with two of the best girls in the world

And I added a couple touches to some other parts of my room, too...

A bilem hanging on my bed, with this card to remind me why I'm here

A pretty scarf draped over the cabinet, with a flower for added effect

Aaaaaand... While we're at the mirror... Why not?!?!?! =P
So this is me, settled into my little room for the next few months. It truly feels like home. So, so grateful that I brought a few little things and was able to use some creativity to bring home here.

What do you think??
What would you do? - any suggestions?

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