27 February 2012

Through All Things...

...I know that I can give thanks.

Because I have a Faithful God.
I have a Caring God.
I have a Loving God.
I have an Indescribable God.

My God is my Friend, Father, Helper and Provider.
He is my Leader, Hope and Strength.

He is everything I have ever needed and will ever need - and so much more.

And it is because of Him that I can be thankful every day - even when things aren't going quite right!

Join me and be thankful!!

*Continuing my count to One Thousand Gifts*

55. Air-conditioning
56. Transportation that makes weekend visits so easy
57. Falando com minha familia Brasileiro!!!!!!!
58. Borrowing my brother's headphones
59. Stealing my boyfriend's music =P
60. Last-minute invites to a friend's house after church
61. My car
62. Quiet time at 10pm in this quiet house
63. My sister sleeping in my room :-)
64. Knowing I can sleep in tomorrow morning if I want to!
65. A warm quilt to sleep under
66. Green mint tea
67. Emails from YWAM
68. Leading worship
69. Wearing a new dress
70. The itchiness in my fingers to blog!! [I'm sure you're very grateful ;-) ]
71. Early morning breakfasts in the park with a friend
72. Going-away gifts that I never expected
72. Chocolate...
73. Seeing healing happen in people's hearts and lives
74. Being part of opening up my family's home to a friend in need
75. Learning to be crazy and have fun!!!!!!!
76. Randomly meeting a friend at Koorong in the city
77. Keeping connections with people from Third Wave 2012
78. Playing cards
79. Parties
80. My first pair of Havaianas =D
81. A [belated] Valentines Day gift from my man
82. The joy on this man's face when he receives his gift from me
84. The internet
85. Playing games at our youth service
86. Camp videos
87. Seeing a young couple take a step of faith to move cities to serve the Lord
88. Leggings: the comfiest PJs ever =P
89. Journalling
90. Brothers and sisters that love Jesus!
91. Financial provision
92. Knowing this weather will cool down this week 

Please, join me and be thankful!
What is something from your past that you are thankful for?


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