5 March 2012

Away from Home!!!

Packing up my room

The title of this post probably makes you think that I've been dying to move out of home for a long time ;-)
I can assure you, that's not the case...
I AM absolutely blessed and excited for this new adventure!
Late 2011 I applied to join Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Canberra. Their Discipleship Training School (DTS) runs from March 5-August 17, 2012.
After many emails back and forth, a medical examination and other documents sent in with the application, I was finally received my official Acceptance and Offer of Place on January 28, 2012.
=D You can imagine my excitement!!
Since then, I have resigned from my job, tidied up my finances, gradually moved out of ministries in my church, had a night away with my Mum and sister, caught up with many friends, tried to finish a study with Alicia, had Portuguese class twice a week for a few weeks, and had a friend stay with me for one week. PLUS, pack two suitcases ready to come to Canberra, with the rest of my room boxed up and in drawers.
It has been exciting!!
Hmm... What to take?!?! (seriously. This was a huge dilemma!)

And now I am here. In Watson, Canberra. On YWAM's beautiful base here in an old, 3-storey monastery. Right now, listening to the music team practise for my first official day in my DTS. Very, very excited!!!!!! Today and tomorrow is basically orientation, and I can't wait to see the whole base and learn what will be happening!

The little bits and pieces
The service will start in 2 minutes, so I need to run!
Pictures from my travels here will come soon, I promise!!!
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