20 December 2011

WF Detox -Part 4-


Whole Food Detox.

While the last few weeks have been a total fail with this Whole Foods Detox, I have good news!!

It's coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAYYY! It feels SO good to be getting back on track!!! It's about time!

Some of the thoughts that have been going around in my head are "I've failed so much, what's point of even trying?" or "It won't make a difference if I just eat ___". I have been trying to get back into the detox (after a weekend in Sydney, which of course was a complete fail), but it has taken days and days. One of my excuses was that I had to "ease" back into the detox (didn't want to make myself sick); I allowed myself "one 'bad' thing" per day (which often turned into two... or three... or four...). I figured I shouldn't be too hard on myself; shouldn't stress myself out about it. Turns out, the guilt of failing day after day laid just as much (if not more) guilt and stress on my shoulders!

But yesterday I succeeded IN FULL! I ate oats with quinoa, dates and honey for breakfast, a delicious Chicken Lentil Curry [left-overs] with peas and corn for lunch, 3 corn thins with peanut butter in the afternoon, and then 2 amazingly tasty Mexican Burgers with salad and a baked potato for tea. Mmmmmm!!!

It is amazing how good I feel after conquering just one day :-D Some of you [okay, many of you] may think that is sad and slightly trivial, but this journey for me is really important.

And it has been weighing me down. A lot.

But after just one day of victory, I feel a lot better and very encouraged to keep going.

I have to say, it's the snacking that's the hard part in this detox for me - especially when I'm at home all day. Just having all the food there, in the pantry and in the fridge, at my fingertips, makes it so hard :S Even coming home from work, the first thing I think is "what can I have to eat?", even when I know I'm about to exercise, or have jobs to do. Being at work generally isn't a problem. There's chocolates and chips and things going all around (Christmas = treats!), but I've not had one. (I did sneak a leetle bit of fruit cake last week though) Because I bring food to work, I know that is all I can eat for the day - plus, I am trying to save money at the moment, so I don't want to go buying snacks.

So, what have I learned from the past few weeks?
  1. When I give myself too much grace, I keep sliding down a path that I really don't want to take.
  2. Pushing myself to achieve my goals is TOTALLY worth the amazing feeling when I do succeed.
  3. I feel a lot better physically, mentally and emotionally when I eat right and stick to this detox.
I think I am beginning to see that the feelings and the outcome of doing things right and sticking to my guidelines, by far surpass the short-term good feelings that come from eating the junk food!

Never, ever give up.

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