20 December 2011

Bits 'n' Pieces...

Feel free to join in and fill in the "blanks" in the comments section below!

Outside my window… Cars and trucks drive along the highway; the sun is just starting to peep through the clouds.

I am thinking... About a design for a document folder cover for Tammie and I ;-)

I am thankful... For my wonderful family, beautiful brothers and sister, and amazing, Godly people in my life.

In the kitchen… I bought Chia Seeds for the first time yesterday, and had them with oats [topped with dates] this morning. I loved the texture it gave my breakfast! Also, tomorrow, my sister and I are going to make some cute little Christmas decorations / eats... I would love to share a photo here when we are done!
I am wearing… Hmm... Black work pants with a denim shirt over a pink singlet, and black ballet flats. Top class ;-)
I am creating… Lists!! [as always]
I am going… To be with Lici and Elyse tonight - all girls night! Movies, cooking, nails, chatting... I need this :-)

I am looking forward to… Sydney and Thailand!! Less than one week til I'll be in Sydney; less than two weeks til I'll be in Thailand!!!!! Woohooooo!!!!

I am hearing… The printers printing, fax machine beeping, shredder shredding, phone ringing, people talking, chairs squeaking, my fingers typing...

Around the house… I am happy to report that all of the ironing is DONE! Yay! [love the feeling of a task being finished - and that I won't have to think about it for another week or two. Or three.] And my bedroom is vaccuumed :-P

I am pondering… About one million different things. Wait. Is that pondering? Or would that be my mind going crazy?! If I could pick one thing I'm pondering about, it would be my emotions. Full-stop.

One of my favorite things… Is the absolutely AMAZING scrapbook that I received from my Girls of Grace girls [courtesty of Lici]. Definitely one of my most treasured possessions.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Getting my to-do list finished. Portuguese class. Cooking. Shopping [??]. Boyfriend arriving from Sydney. Visit friends. Go to the pool. Christmas Day.
Ya know. The usual stuff ;-)

Here is picture I am sharing…

Photographed and edited by my boyfriend
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