29 December 2011

Coogee Beach & Brasilian Barbeque

Yesterday (Wednesday) was my second full day in Sydney for this trip.
I slept in and then spent some time on my computer, still in my PJ's. So relaxing!! I had scrambled eggs for breakfast, and after eating and chatting with the girls, we got ready and started driving...

...to Coogee Beach, which is only 8.1km from Sydney City, and just 6.8km from Waterloo, where I am staying!

It is so beautiful.

The temperature was really good for laying in the sun.

When the sun was shining, it felt heavenly!

When clouds came over, I was just a bit chilly.

I went for a walk around the little inlet. And played around with my new camera :-)


Last night Andre and I had a very special treat.
We went to Churras: Brasilian Barbecue. The people there were really friendly; they played Brasilian music which set the mood perfectly...
And the food??
One word: a.ma.zing.
It is an all-you-can-eat restaurant. They have a "side dishes" menu, and you can order as many things, however many times you like throughout your meal. For our sides, we had deep-fried polenta, deep-fried cassava, crumbed banana, rice and black beans, green salad, garlic bread, and halloumi cheese. My favouries were the polenta and cassava (I'd never had anything like this before) and the green salad. Yummy!!
For the mains, they cook each item (e.g. pork ribs) on a skewer, and then the waiters come around and slide a piece onto your place if you want it. The food just kept coming!!! I was sure I would be full after 10 minutes. (that was not the case, by the way. I lasted the entire night ;-) Luckily we went to the gym this morning!)
The mains we ate were: pork chorizo sausage, chicken sausage, pork, pork ribs, lamb, beef with gorgonzola sauce, beef with garlic, picanha (beef), beef with capsicum and onion, chicken drumsticks, chicken wings, chicken heart, prawns sprinkled with coconut, and pineapple with cinnamon. Visit the website to see the entire menu.
We drank guarana (Brasilian fizzy drink) and guava juice, which complemented the meal perfectly.
We need to go back there, so that I can take photos of all the food ;-) [the camera was dying]
Here are a few pics from the night.

After eating. Holding those tummies in nice and tight!

There were three friendly possums in a park that we walked through. Cuties!

And finally...........
Hmph. Courtesy of two hours in the sun. Oops.

I had a lovely day!! And I hope you did, too :)
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