29 December 2011

WF Detox -Part 5-

So continues my Whole Foods journey.

It is continually a struggle! A struggle to eat only whole foods - nothing processed, with nothing artifical - no sugar, no wheat, no dairy.
Continually satisfying when I overcome in the smallest area - when I choose nuts and seeds over chips; when I don't eat the garlic bread on the side.

I want more of the satisfaction. I think the struggle will remain, but it is ENTIRELY WORTH IT when I do succeed; when I am true to myself; when I hear people say that they can see a difference in my skin. Those are the moments when I realize again that I need this. Not to look like some super-self-controlled girl (pfft! Like that's true!) to other people...

But remembering that this is for me.

Because I can sneak in some "no-no's"; hide in the corner and stuff my face with some food that I shouldn't be eating... But who is this afffecting? Me! And only me!! It matters to no one else what I eat.

So I need to look to the future, at the benefits that I will see. 
I need to stop doubting.
Stop giving in to temptation.
Stop saying "tomorrow I will start again".

I need to make the right choices.
Remember that this is for me.
And it needs to be today. It needs to be now. It needs to be tomorrow and every day after.
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