9 October 2009

Papa's funeral

This week has been slightly crazy, as my Dad's Dad passed away on Monday, the 5th of October.
He had suffered for some months with cancer and other medical issues.

Last weekend he had been "on oxygen", and he had an infection in his lung. Mum spent hours with him on Sunday.

On Monday, Dad, Mum and I headed down to the hospital to visit him. I had a feeling he didn't have long left. The plan was to drive down around 3-ish, but when I met my parents at 12pm, they said they were leaving straight away. I felt an urgency in that, and I started crying straight away. As we drove down, I was trying to stop crying, but it was really hard :(

After about 10 or 15 minutes of driving, we got a phone call saying "he's gone". We pulled over, and just sat in the car for some time; mainly Mum and I supporting Dad. It was a scary thing--I mean, usually it's Dad comforting me, not the other way around!

Anyway, we continued to the hospital and spent hours there with family.

The funeral was this morning, and I praise God for His answer to prayer! I had helped Dad write his eulogy, and it was planned that I would stand up the front with him when he read it. I prayed and prayed that I would have God's strength and peace to get through that time, and be strong for Dad. After the eulogy, I shed a few tears, but I didn't cry. I am so thankful!!! In a way, I feel guilty (you know that feeling--when you aren't emotional for something like that?), but I know that it will probably hit me later.

I want to thank all of you who have been praying for my family through this time. I thank God for the amazing people who are standing by my family!!

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